New Delhi | 8 August, 2023: The YouTube channel of Firstpost has achieved a remarkable milestone of 100 million+ views in just a little over six months. With a total of 123 million+ views and counting, Firstpost’s popularity has transcended geographical boundaries, raking in views from all corners of the world. With over 50% of its traffic coming from international audiences, Firstpost has remarkably underscored its global appeal and reach.

The journey from 11 million views in January to 123 million views in July represents an awe-inspiring growth trajectory of over 1000%, reinforcing the platform’s ability to consistently produce engaging video content, resonate with diverse audiences and deliver news that surpass cultural and regional differences.

Firstpost’s achievement comes on the heels of surge in popularity fuelled by its video pivot earlier this year. It was driven by the launch of its flagship show ‘Vantage,’ hosted by the Managing Editor Palki Sharma. The show has taken the digital news landscape by storm, captivating global audiences with its compelling content and unique style.

Speaking on Firstpost’s success, Managing Editor Palki Sharma said, “Crossing the 100 million views mark proves the incredible power of compelling storytelling. Our focus has always been on sharing thought-provoking news from all over the world in a way that resonates with our audience and maximizes their understanding. This milestone fuels our determination to keep pushing our boundaries, delivering value for the time spent by our global audience.”

In addition to the resounding success of ‘Vantage,’ FirstPost’s other shows such as ‘Flashback’ and ‘Between The Lines’ have also contributed to the platform’s growth with their unique narrative and packaging style.