Bihar secures the third position in the National Water Awards 2022

New Delhi, May 24, 2023: The state of Bihar has been ranked third in the category of best states in the National Water Awards 2022, organized by the Ministry of Jal Shakti (Water Resources). The award recognizes the excellent work and efforts carried out in the field of water conservation and management by the Department of Water Resources and Information & Public Relations of the Bihar government. Sanjay Kumar Jha, the Minister of Water Resources and Information & Public Relations, expressed his happiness at Bihar being included among the top three states and stated that receiving this award is a matter of pride for Bihar. The objective behind Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s initiative of the “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali” (Water-Life-Greenery) sustainable campaign is to protect and conserve water and greenery in Bihar, ensuring its sustainable development and providing a greener Bihar for future generations. This campaign has received recognition at the national level and has been acknowledged globally, contributing to the welfare of the nation and the world.

Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha stated that the Department of Water Resources is making a significant contribution towards the better management of water resources. The department has successfully utilized new and modern techniques of water management, implementing several unique and long-term measures in the interest of the state, with more underway. He mentioned that under the visionary leadership, broad thinking, and precise guidance of the Chief Minister, the “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali” campaign was initiated, and one of its key components was the ambitious Ganga Jal Aapurti Yojana. It is the country’s first scheme of its kind, which lifts the excess water of the Ganga River during the monsoon season, which would otherwise go to waste, and supplies it through a 151-kilometer-long pipeline to the water-scarce major cities of South Bihar, including Gaya, Bodh Gaya, and Rajgir, ensuring doorstep drinking water for every household. This scheme showcases the unique vision of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and sets a new path for water management in the country, as the Department of Water Resources, Bihar, has demonstrated innovative ideas and approaches.

The Water Resources Minister stated that all the relevant departments, including the Department of Water Resources, are actively working to implement the highly ambitious program “Water to Every Field” announced in Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s Seven Resolves 2. The program aims to ensure irrigation water reaches every field, and concerted efforts are being made by all the departments involved, including the Water Resources Department. In the category of best states in the “National Water Awards 2022,” the Water Resources Department of Bihar has also been acknowledged for the following seven irrigation schemes:-

1. Garaul Weir Irrigation Scheme, Darbhanga – This is a weir irrigation scheme on the old Kamla river, in which irrigation facility has been provided through head regulator.

2. Jaitpura Pump Canal Scheme, Bhabua- Through this, irrigation facilities will be made available in various blocks by raising the water flow of Karmnasha river.

3. Construction of Bataspur weir on Mohane river in Bodhgaya block of Gaya district and modernization of distribution systems derived from Moratal Pine is in progress.

4. Uderasthan Barrage Scheme, Biharsharif – This is a major irrigation scheme, which has developed irrigation potential in many blocks of Jehanabad and Gaya districts.

5.Bihul Weir Irrigation Scheme, Madhubani – Gated weir on Bihul river near Laxmipur village, efflux dam on right and left side in its upstream and guide dam on both sides in downstream and protective works. In this, the total length of the canal system originating from the right main canal is 3.35 km and the length of the canal system originating from the left main canal is 6.33 km.

6.Under Malai Barrage scheme, irrigation facility will be made available in Buxar district through link canal by constructing a barrage on Kond river in Dawath block of Rohtas district.

7. Balwaghat Barrage-cum-Irrigation Scheme, Madhubani- In this irrigation scheme based on Dhauns river near Balwa village, in addition to two head regulators (right and left), restoration work of dilapidated sub-distributary (9.27 km) and pine designed watercourse on the right side Restoration work (13.36 km) has been done.