Acing second innings - Indian transplant athletes make India proud at World Transplant Games

24th April 2023, New Delhi: ORGAN India, The Organ Receiving & Giving Awareness Network (ORGAN) India, an initiative of the Parashar Foundation is proud to announce the return of the Indian Contingent from the 24th edition of the World Transplant Games 2023. Concluding yesterday in Perth, Australia, the 6 days of sporting events witnessed a wonderful performance by the Indian Contingent.

Team India won 20 medals in the recipient category and 15 medals in the living donor category. This marvellous performance by the Indian athletes sets in stone the fact that organ donation is not only a lifesaving gift but is a testament to the fact that life after transplant can be fit and healthy.

As the Official Member Organization from India for the World Transplant Games, ORGAN India worked towards ensuring that the athletes get the proper training to participate in the World Transplant Games.

This was the first time that the Indian Contingent was trained specifically before the Games by ORGAN India. There were two camps held for the athletes over the past year at Manav Rachna University in Faridabad, which included technical, nutritional, and psychological training. Additional support from the Dinesh Vyas Trust and Manav Rachna University enabled many in the contingent to properly train and perform well in Australia.

The 2023 World Transplant Games Indian Contingent had 32 athletes, 24 organ transplant recipients and 7 organ donors and one donor family competitor. This is the highest ever number of athletes ever to represent India at the International sporting event. The Team consisted of athletes of all ages from across India from ages 13 to 63 who competed in Athletics, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Golf, Pétanque, Lawn Bowls, Darts, and Ten Pin Bowling. A Team Doctor and a physiotherapist were also part of the team at Perth.

Kim Renyard, CEO, World Transplant Games Federation shared, “The WTGF was delighted to see such a large team from India at the World Transplant Games. The infectious spirit of Team India’s combination of athletes, living donors and donor families, combined with their inspirational stories was felt at all sporting events with India achieving some outstanding results!”

Anika Parashar, Chairperson, Parashar Foundation shared, “The World Transplant Games see a very high level of competition with athletes from 38 countries sending their top transplant athletes to Perth. It was a privilege to take the Indian delegation of Athletes for The World Transplant Games in Perth in April 2023. The participation of Transplant patients or Donors in this International event is key to help organ donation garner awareness in the country. Their amazing performance and every medal that they have won demonstrates the limitlessness of the human spirit in overcoming adversity and continuing to live fulfilling lives even after organ transplant.”

“As Team Managers, our effort was to ensure that athletes received the kind of training that will enable them to compete with internationals players. We are incredibly proud of the persistence and resilience of the athletes who have overcome so much in their lives and want to inspire other Indians to become organ donors by competing in sports and winning medals for their country. I’m confident that their performance will go miles in raising awareness on organ donation in India. While the Team’s performance has been superb, we are still at a disadvantage internationally with regards to technical training, training facilities around the country where athletes reside, long-term nutritional support and overall fitness. Nevertheless, we are already preparing for the next World Transplant Games in Dresden, Germany in 2025, where we hope to take a much larger, fitter, better trained and well-funded contingent,” said Sunayana Singh, CEO ORGAN India & India’s Country Representative at the World Transplant Games Federation.