Indian Singer Sonam Kalra

July’ 15th 2023: Multiple award-winning Sufi singer-songwriter and composer Sonam Kalra has made India proud by winning 3 Global Music awards this year. Creator of The Sufi Gospel project, Sonam Kalra is the first and only Indian musician to win 3 GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS medals in one year.

This year Sonam Kalra has won the medals GOLD for her song ‘BOL’ in the Best Female Vocalist Category and GOLD for BOL for Best Song Category. She has also won a Silver Medal for her song ALFAT- Outstanding Achievement in the World Fusion Music Category. Sonam was also invited last year to become a Voting member of the US Grammy Recording Academy.


“I am very honoured to have received this recognition from the jury of The Global Music Awards. It’s really special to be recognised for my work, not just in India but internationally as well, as it proves that music truly has no borders.”

Her Song, ‘BOL’ for which she won Best female vocalist and Best Song, is based on the poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and it speaks of the strength of the individual voice and the unstoppable power of the collective voice. It reminds us to be the voice of the voiceless, to speak out against injustice and to use our voices judiciously and for the greater good of humanity.

Her Song, ‘ALFAT’ which is based on the poetry of 17th Century Sufi poet-saint Baba Bulleh Shah. The song speaks of finding one’s God not in the four walls of a building, but within the walls of one’s heart. And in the hearts of those around us. To further put forth the seamlessness of faith and belief Sonam blended Irish Folk influences with Punjabi and Rajasthani folk music and brought to the song a sense of joie de vivre, a celebration, if you may, of the fact that God is everywhere and in everyone.

Both BOL and ALFAT are Sonam Kalra’s original compositions.

Sonam is a familiar voice at prestigious venues and festivals and has performed in 30 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America. She has had the honour of performing at the Sydney Opera House, the Cairo Opera House, at the Pyramids in Egypt, the Chicago temple, at the Faiz Peace Festival in Pakistan, MTV’s Coke Studio, at Media Legend Tina Brown’s Women in The World Summit and has shared the stage with legendary musicians like Sir Bob Geldof and Sufi legend Abida Parveen.

Sonam is known for her powerful yet sensitive voice and ability to blend styles yet stay true to the music. Sonam’s music emerges from a place of truth. Inherent in her beautiful voice and complex compositions is an integrity and honesty that reflects her philosophy of equality, inclusion, compassion and tolerance.

Her sustained training in both Western and Hindustani forms of music combined with the courage of her convictions resulted in Sonam creating a unique style of music called, ‘Sonam Kalra & the Sufi Gospel Project’.