Bangalore, 29th September 2023: – Zuari FarmHub, a leading agri-tech company in India, has announced its partnership with CropX Technologies, an innovation-led global agri-tech company based in Israel, specializing in cutting-edge digital agronomic solutions. The collaboration aims to revolutionize farming practices by introducing real-time monitoring technology that empowers farmers with data-driven insights for enhanced productivity and sustainability. The agronomic farm management system monitors crops and the surrounding environment throughout the entire crop cycle, offering continuous support and data insights for better decision-making. This data-driven approach enables farmers to respond promptly to changing conditions and challenges, leading to increased crop resilience and profitability.

Zuari FarmHub has initiated the pilot trials of the CropX system at Zuari Agri Innovation Centre in Solapur as well as select farmer fields across Karnataka & Maharashtra. This marks the beginning of an exciting phase in modernizing agricultural practices. CropX offers a state-of-the-art hardware-enabled system that monitors critical agronomic parameters in real time, paving the way for precision agriculture. These smart devices collect predictive soil data, combining it with additional data sources in and around the farm, and deep agronomic knowledge to generate recommendations on irrigation and nutrient management. This helps farmers to make informed decisions that optimize resource usage and improve crop growth.

“We, at Zuari FarmHub are thrilled to partner with a pioneering agri-tech company like CropX Technologies, that shares our vision of revolutionizing agriculture through cutting-edge technology,” said Madan Pandey, MD & CEO of Zuari FarmHub. “By providing farmers with real-time data and precise recommendations, we are empowering them to maximize yields, reduce resource wastage, and ensure sustainable farming practices.”

“The collaboration with Zuari FarmHub represents an exciting opportunity to extend the reach of our innovative solutions to Indian farmers,” said Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX Technologies. “By combining our expertise in agri-tech with Zuari FarmHub’s deep understanding of the Indian agricultural landscape, we aim to empower farmers with advanced tools that aim to re-vitalize industry practices for a successful and sustainable farming.”

The collaboration between Zuari FarmHub and CropX Technologies signifies a major milestone in advancing precision agriculture in India. As the pilot progresses, Zuari FarmHub will evaluate and appropriately roll out the CropX agronomic farm management system in other regions of India.