Woosh washing expert spreading the message of “barabari ghar se shuru” to promote gender equality across the nation at iifa 2022

Woosh Washing Expert, one of the leading names in Fabric Care, Home Care, & Personal Care segments, has started a unique campaign of Gender equality, “BarabariGhar se Shuru” in 2017.

The campaign has been supported by renowned Bollywood stars at Nexa IIFA 2022, Abu Dhabi. Under this unique campaign Woosh Washing Expert is promoting Gender equality across the country where Bollywood starts come out to speak on Gender Equality at IIFA Green Carpet.

Speaking about the concept Mr. Harsh Vardhan Jain, Managing Director of Woosh Washing Expert said, “We are grateful that “BarabariGhar Se Shuru”, have been recognized by many dignitaries, Bollywood personalities and society. We feel that highlighting the message of Gender Equality is important for the nation’s development. Gender equality prevents violence against women and girls… Gender Equality is a human right.”

“To us, gender equality is one of the most challenging issues of todays’ society and if we really want to promote the message of Gender Equality, we should start from our home by motivating and supporting our female family members” stated Yogesh Jain, Managing Director of Woosh Washing Expert.

The brand has recently launched a new product “Fab Wash Liquid Detergent” with premium quality and range.