Wipro Consumer Care relaunches Chandrika Ayurvedic soap with new campaign introducing Keerthy Suresh as its new Brand Ambassador
Chandrika KV Model 2022

Bangalore, April 2023: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, relaunches their legacy soap brand Chandrika Ayurvedic soap, with a brand new TVC campaign featuring the actor Keerthy Suresh. With this new TVC campaign, Chandrika Ayurvedic soap introduces Keerthy Suresh as its new Brand ambassador and unveils a modern and sleek new packaging, thus revamping the look and feel of the popular ayurvedic soap bar known to generations.

The TVC conceptualized by Ogilvy, shows Keerthy Suresh hitching a ride on a college bus as her car breaks down mid-road. As she gets on the bus, the college girls on the bus are amazed at how beautiful her skin looks. When a girl marvels on how Keerthy maintains the glow and problem free skin both on-screen and off, Keerthy replies that she too had skin issues, but now her skin stays clear and glowing. When asked “how is it like this”, she simply points to Chandrika Ayurvedic soap that keeps your skin problem free and unlocks its natural glow with the power of double the coconut oil and 7 Ayurvedic herbs.

Mr. Neeraj Khatri CEO at Wipro Consumer Care Business for India and South Asia said, “As a brand that has captured the trust of millions of Indians for more than 80 years, Chandrika is a unique brand that comes with a legacy and an unwavering following. With the addition of Keerthy, one of the most talented actors in India, who has come on board as our brand ambassador, we are excited to see what’s in store for this evergreen brand! The new TVC is a glimpse into our journey ahead in partnering with Keerthy in providing our consumers a reliable brand that takes care of their skin from the inside.”

Mr. S Prasanna Rai, Vice President – Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting said, “Chandrika, as a heritage brand, has been a part of people’s everyday routine for generations, and we are grateful for our customers trust and love, and look forward to continuing being a part of their daily lives for many more generations to come. With the launch of the exciting new TVC, we are also thrilled to welcome Keerthy Suresh to the Chandrika family as we head into a new era of beautiful and glowing skin with Chandrika.”

Ms. Keerthy Suresh said, “I am a long-standing admirer of everything ayurveda, and Chandrika Ayurveda Soap has managed to beautifully capture the essence of ayurveda with its all-natural approach that is scientific, safe and effective over the past 80 years. My perception of beauty has always been to be your natural self and it feels great to work with a brand that echoes the same values. With this partnership, I look forward to creating a positive impact and building an environment where women can flaunt their glowing, healthy skin with or without makeup!”

The new Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap will be available at the general trade, modern trade stores, and e-commerce platforms across the country at an MRP of Rs. 32.