TTK Prestige has come up with Double Induction Cooktop, a new and innovative solution for smarter and more efficient cooking.

National, 23rd May 2023: Leading and trusted kitchen appliances brand, TTK Prestige answers the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions in modern kitchens with PDIC 3.0 Double Induction Cooktop – a new and innovative solution for smarter and more efficient cooking. The cooktop is perfect for individuals who value energy efficiency and want to cook multiple items at once, while also being ideal for those who frequently move and eliminates the need to wait for a cylinder or gas connection. With its innovative design, the PDIC 3.0 offers enhanced functionality, making it the ultimate induction cooktop for saving time and energy in the kitchen.

The revolutionary cooktop features 2 cooking zones, allowing users to significantly reduce cooking time by simultaneously preparing two dishes. The PDIC 3.0 presents an ideal solution for busy individuals or larger families, offering maximum efficiency and reduces time spent in the kitchen, especially during the sweltering summer. With this innovative cooktop, consumers can bid farewell to lengthy meal preparations and the discomfort of cooking in a hot kitchen. With Flame free cooking, the PDIC 3.0 maintains a cooler temperature in the kitchen allowing home cooks to stay cool and comfortable even while cooking during hot summer. This advanced appliance allows consumers to embrace convenience, seamlessly transforming their cooking experience into a pleasant and hassle-free one.

Furthermore, the cooktop is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator, safeguarding against potential damage caused by voltage and power fluctuations. This ensures consistent performance and longevity of the appliance. The PDIC 3.0 also features a child lock function, preventing unintended operation and ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

The PDIC 3.0 Double Induction Cooktop ranks high in power-saving capabilities. It incorporates a unique power saver technology that intelligently adjusts the temperature and power output based on the size of the cooking vessel’s base diameter. This innovative feature not only conserves energy but also minimizes heat wastage, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious and energy-conscious users.

The cooktop is ideal for preparing Indian dishes. It is equipped with curated Indian Menu setting options where one can set the wattage and timer as per their requirement for preparing different types of Indian curries. There are special inbuilt modes designed to make dosa, chapatis, idlis, different types of sauteing and more.

The PDIC 3.0 Double Induction cooktop is easy to clean and maintain. Not only does the PDIC 3.0 deliver exceptional functionality, but it also exudes elegance with its sleek design. The full glass surface and feather touch buttons add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen, enhancing its overall aesthetics.

The TTK Prestige’s PDIC 3.0 Double Induction cooktop is priced at MRP 11, 495.00 and comes with a 1-year warranty with introductory offer of 30%. The product is available at Prestige Xclusive locations, select dealer outlets, and the brand’s exclusive online store,