Mumbai, 20th July, 2023: Third Wave Coffee (TWC) has unveiled an exclusive collection of beverages, captivating palates during the monsoon season. Crafted with precision and artistry, these drinks promise to transform the ordinary coffee experience into an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Taking the spotlight is the delicious Biscrunch Frappe. Combining TWC’s signature coffee, luscious caramel, and biscuit crumble, this drink takes you on a thrilling journey captured within a cup. Following suit, the Biscrunch Latte exudes warmth and comfort. With TWC coffee, caramel, and biscuit crunch, every sip offers a sensory embrace amidst the rain. Prepare for the Choco Malt Frappe, a chilled potion blending dark chocolate, malted grain and TWC coffee, crowned with whipped cream. It provides a refreshing pause, a delightful interlude in your day.

The Choco Malt Latte steps forward, heralding the gentle warmth of the monsoon. A harmonious trio of chocolate, malted grain, and TWC coffee create a comforting blend, perfect for a rainy afternoon. And finally, the Banana Paradise Crumble invites you to indulge in creamy splendour. Ripe banana, sweet caramel, and fresh milk combine, offering a tropical escape with each sip. These exclusive, hand-crafted beverages have taken centre stage at TWC cafes nationwide since their recent debut.

“As the monsoon showers breathe new life into the world, our unique collection at Third Wave Coffee seeks to rejuvenate the senses,” shares Varun Kapoor, Director Operations at TWC “We have encapsulated the enchantment of the monsoon in each cup, conducting an unforgettable sensory journey. Join us in celebrating the monsoon season with a truly distinctive and delectable experience.”

Embrace the rainy allure and allow the nearest TWC café’s monsoon symphony to transport you.