The World Belongs to People Who Manage to Execute Their Plans Well – C K Ranganathan at Tie Shift 2023

CHENNAI, May 01st, 2023…TiE SHIFT 2023, presented by TiE Chennai and Nanban Ventures, the largest personal transformation summit held at Chennai, saw a packed audience at the IIT Research Park Auditorium listening in rapt attention to a host of speakers who having transformed themselves, and their businesses into global successes spoke at length detailing their amazing journey. The summit brought together a range of speakers that spoke on personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Mr. Reji Joseph, Vice President, TiE Chennai in his welcoming address said, “TiE is more than just an organization, it is a global network of entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders dedicated to creating a better world through entrepreneurship. The SHIFT programme was created for entrepreneurs to focus on the intersection between personal growth and business success, to help them understand how personal development can lead to transformative change and business success.”

Ms. Akhila Rajeshwar, Executive Director, TiE Chennai in her welcome address said, “It has been two and a half years since TiE Catalyst and Personal Board were launched. All credit to Mr. C K Ranganathan who had the vision for it. Its growth has surpassed our expectations and now we take up every new challenge knowing fully well that we will make it happen.”

Mr. Kutraleeshwaran V, President & Managing Director, Nanban Ventures said, “Firstly, I believe in the principle that anything is possible. When I won my first swimming competition, I knew I had to have another target and mine was to swim across the English Channel. I believed I could do it, so I went ahead and achieved it. You alone are your limiting factor. If your thought is at a different level, you will reach those levels. Secondly, I would say Focus is a big ingredient in your journey towards success. Decide on a course of action and persevere to achieve it come what may. There will be plenty of distractions but if you show perseverance, you can excel in it. Thirdly, you need to dream big and make a start, a decision. Every success starts from the foundation. It is lonely at the top, but you must stay true to your convictions, take the decision and back it. Lastly, it is important to be happy. You must keep looking back and track your journey and then you will see how far you have come. That journey will be your biggest motivation.”

The keynote session was delivered by Mr. C K Ranganathan, President, TiE Chennai, CMD CavinKare Private Limited who said, “I will begin by identifying a few trends in today’s business environment that one must be aware of and track closely and these include Digitization & Technology, E-commerce and online services, Energy transfusion, Remote working, Cyber Security & Data Privacy and Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing.”

Mr. Ranganathan then spoke about issues that an entrepreneur should be prepared for, and these included, possessing a positive attitude, having motivation & empathy, social connectedness, having big goals to inspire thinking and creativity, adaptability, thinking and execution

“The last point I would like to talk about is execution. The world belongs to people who execute well and there some principles to it. The first principle is that if you have too many goals, you will not get much success. So, it’s important to have just two or three important goals that you can focus all your energies on. The second principle is to focus on lead indicators than lag indicators. Lead indicators are measurable and predictable. The third discipline is to create a five-second scorecard. Within five seconds, we should know if we are winning or losing. The last, but not the least is cadence and discipline. Remember all the things I just said. Ideas alone are not enough to win in life. Execution is required too. What I would like to further add is that there are only five principles in a business plan – strategy, structure, people, process, and technology. These five things should always be on your mind,” he added.

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