The Quarry_Blue De Savoy and Atlantique Myst Wardrobe Counter

Marble is one of the most versatile and durable stones. For the first time ever in India and probably the world, The Quarry launches perfectly paired marble, granite, and onyx. The all-new collection is called: The Quarry Season of Love.

Everything The Quarry does, they do it with love and care, including precision and quality control at every step. With their extensive knowledge about these quintessential and rare stones, The Quarry are curators of luxury through Italian craftsmanship. The Quarry rigorously maintains a consistent standard of 20mm/ 2cm thickness and an unmatched level of service with The Quarry Projects team of installation experts.

The Quarry Season of Love gives you a variety of options to choose from like the rare Sodalite — which is perfected by mother nature over millions of years to the exquisite Laas Authentico -– a collection of the finest white marble hand-picked from the village of Laas Italy. The charm and exclusivity of each of the paired two-of-a-kind natural stones cut and polished will leave you awestruck and spellbound. They are equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art materials and international techniques to bring your vision into a reality.

The Quarry has created pairs unique and inspiring that it makes everyone go ‘wow’. It showcases exotic, unique and handpicked stones from the best quarries across 31 countries like Spain, Brazil, France and so many more. The Quarry curators would be delighted to invite you on a personalized visit to The Quarry Gallery and The Quarry CO: LAB.