With the onset of the monsoon season in Delhi, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power-DDL) is taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its consumers and minimize the risk of electricity-related incidents. As Delhi is prepared to get relief from the scorching heat, the company is organizing an extensive safety drive for its customers, focusing on inspections and maintenance activities.

As a part of the special pre-monsoon safety drive, the DISCOM is conducting inspections and appropriate maintenance of electrical equipment and lines installed in public areas. DISCOM has recently conducted leakage testing of 9154 Poles, 300 PWD/MCD Poles, 66 ATMs, and 81 streetlight poles installed in MCD/DDA parks, and the same drive shall be continued. Due attention is being given to ensuring the healthiness of the earthing of electrical installations.

In addition to this, the DISCOM has also carried out safety audits of more than 1100 major public installations like malls, hospitals, schools, and colleges to ensure public safety and will continue to do so throughout the year.

As a part of the ongoing Preventive Maintenance activity, the DISCOM is conducting tree trimming exercises in the vicinity of electrical installations, poles, and overhead lines to prevent leakage current and power interruption.

Recognizing the hazards posed by unauthorized construction encroaching on overhead power lines, Tata Power-DDL is also actively raising awareness among customers about the dangers of such practices. Notices are being served wherever violations are observed, and the supply is being disconnected for dangerous installations in congested areas to prevent accidents, including electrocution and flash burns.

To further enhance safety, Tata Power-DDL conducts preventive maintenance and line patrolling to minimize safety hazards and interruptions of electrical equipment. The company advises customers to have their house wiring checked by a competent electrician to ensure their safety.

Mr. Subrata Das, Chief, Operations, Safety, Business Excellence (BE), and TQM at Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, said, “Safeguarding the community’s well-being is Tata Power-DDL’s top priority, especially during monsoon season. There are various concerns like waterlogging and earthing, that customers should be cautious of during the season. Tata Power-DDL follows stringent safety guidelines and educates its customers to avoid any untoward electricity-related incidents. In addition, DISCOM sends dedicated staff on the ground to handle any emergency and ensure that all of our customers have a consistent power supply.”

To provide customers with seamless support and faster complaint resolution, Tata Power-DDL has strengthened various communication channels, including the following to report any unsafe situation:

1. Toll-Free Number: 19124

2. Mobile App: TPDDL Connect

3. Website: www.tatapower-ddl.com

4. WhatsApp Number: 7303482071

5. Missed Call Service: 9619619124

Customers can also engage with the company’s virtual assistant, Chatbot Roshni, available on Facebook, Twitter (Direct Message), the website, and the mobile app.

In line with its commitment to customer safety, Tata Power-DDL offers the following general advisory for the monsoon season:

· Stay away from water-logged electrical installations such as electricity poles, substations, transformers, streetlights, etc.

· Caution children against playing near electricity installations, even if they are barricaded or fenced

· Avoid touching electrical appliances with wet hands

· Regularly check electrical appliances for any leakage current and consult a qualified electrician if leakage is detected

· Ensure adequate protection of meter boxes from water

· Install earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCB) to prevent shocks

· In case of sparking in meter rooms or light poles, customers can call the Toll-Free No. 19124 for assistance

· Keep a ‘Tester’ at home to check for electricity leakage before touching wet switches. If necessary, contact an electrician.

DISCOM is taking several measures to prevent leakage current from our installations. However, in view of public safety, it is advised to refrain from touching any Electrical poles/ Stay wires/ Installations. Further, it is advised that public should not encroach upon the electrical installation /network for sake of their own safety.