Shradha Salla
Shradha Salla

New Delhi, 14th July 2023: The Designer’s Class, a leading online design education platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new course on Vastu and Numerology on July 10. Designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Vastu and Numerology, this course aims to empower individuals to create harmonious living environments and unlock the secrets of numbers in their lives.

Vastu and Numerology are ancient sciences that have been widely practiced for centuries. With the guidance of Shradha Salla, a renowned celebrity Numerologist and Vastu expert, students will delve into the fascinating world of Vastu and Numerology, gaining valuable insights and tools to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Preetam Saikia, Chief Marketing Officer of The Designer’s Class, expressed his excitement about the course, stating, “We are delighted to bring this unique Vastu and Numerology Course to our students. With Shradha Salla’s expertise and guidance, we are confident that participants will acquire a deep understanding of these profound sciences and learn how to apply them practically.”

The Vastu component of the course is divided into eight comprehensive modules, covering a range of topics essential for creating harmonious living and working spaces. From understanding the basic principles of Vastu and the significance of directions for remedies for Vastu defects, students will gain valuable knowledge and practical techniques to transform their environments.

The Numerology component of the course comprises eight modules that explore the significance of numbers in various cultures and the interpretation of core numbers. Students will learn how to calculate Life Path Numbers, explore different types of Numerology, and discover how Numerology influences relationships, career choices, and personal growth.

Renowned Numerologist and Vastu Expert, Shradha Salla with her expertise in these ancient sciences, Shradha is excited about guiding students on a transformative journey. She shares her enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled to be a part of The Designer’s Class and to bring the Vastu and Numerology Course to individuals who are eager to unlock the power of these ancient sciences. Vastu and Numerology have the potential to transform lives and spaces, and I am excited to guide students on this transformative journey. Join us as we delve into the realms of Vastu and Numerology, and discover the profound impact they can have on your personal and professional life.”

As a part of the course, students will receive assignments on the portal that applies Vastu and Numerology principles, solidifying their understanding and practical skills. They will also receive certification from The Designer’s Class, recognizing their accomplishment and formalizing their expertise in Vastu and Numerology.

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