Mumbai: Bisk Farm, one of India’s leading Biscuit & Bakery brands from the house of SAJ Food has announced the launch of its latest offering – Desi Cake, an addition to the popular Tiffun Slice Cake range. The introduction of Desi Cake reinforces the brand’s position as a leader in the biscuit & bakery industry, setting new benchmarks for unique and innovative products. This remarkable addition to their range of delectable treats comes enriched with the nutritional goodness of superfood Ghee.

Ghee has been a staple in every household in India for centuries. By infusing Desi Cake with this nutritious component, Bisk Farm ensures that, consumers not only savour a delicious delight but also enjoy the added advantages of this traditional superfood. With the launch of this delightful cake variant, Bisk Farm aims to capitalize on the growing demand for unique and traditional flavours.

The Tiffun Slice Cake range offers a variety of flavours, including Mawa, Litchi, Pineapple, Fruit Fusion, Butter Scotch, Chocolate, and Veg.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh

Commenting on the launch of Desi Cake, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of SAJ Food, said, “We aim to capture the essence of Indian flavours while providing a delightful experience that resonates with the evolving preferences of our customers. We are confident that the Desi Cake will become a beloved choice for consumers seeking a perfect blend of taste and nutrition.”

He further added, “We are focusing on expanding our market presence in various bakery categories, including biscuits, cakes, rusks, and wafers, to achieve rapid growth, and we believe that this unique addition to our product portfolio will significantly contribute to our growth in the Cake category.”

Bisk Farm’s latest offering will be available in SKU of 50 gms priced at Rs. 20, and is available at all General trade and Modern trade outlets.