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(L-R) The traditional flag of Nava Durga Yagam being hoisted by Brahmashri Narayan ji Mandaleshwar (2nd from left); Shri J Trishul Reddy (3rd from left) Secretary and Correspondent, Narasimha Reddy Engineering College; Shri Madhavan Namboodri (4th from left), Hon’ble Chairman, Nava Durga Yagam & Smt & Shri TR Venkatesh, Hon’ble Chairman, Ratnalayam Temple; today, at the Ratnalayam Sri Venkateswara Swami temple, Shameerpet.

Hyderabad, September 25th, 2023: ‘Pranavam’ is performing the biggest, most auspicious and primordial cosmic Yajnam ‘Nava Durga Yagam’ from the 13th to 15th of October 2023; at the Ratnalayam Sri Venkateswara Swami temple at Aliyabad X Roads, Shameerpet, a highly revered temple among the devotees across Telangana. As part of the initiation of the arrangements for the Yagam, a Bhoomi Pooja and installation of the sacred ‘Flag Pole’ was performed with great fervour and utmost devotion, today at the temple premises. Devotees in large numbers thronged the temple to seek blessings of the god.

The nine major Yajnams of Nava Durga Yagam spread over the three days, is being organised in 36 Homa Kundas. Performed during the Nava Rathri Pooja, the nine ‘bhavas’ of goddess Durga Devi will be invoked in to a ‘ Maha Meru Sree Chakra’ after an auspicious ‘Navavarana Pooja’. A total of 1008 families can directly participate in the three days’ Yagam.

A good number of Thanthriks, Priests and Sanyasins from Kerala and across India will lead the Nava Durga Yagam, which will culminate with ‘Sahasra Sahasrarchana’ by 1008 lady devotees in the evening of 15th October. Annadaanam will be served every day for about 10000 devotees, during the three days.

The Yagam is being organised by a Maha Sabha under the mantle of ‘Pranavam’ (Pravasi Malayala Brahmana Kshema Sabha) based in Hyderabad in co-ordination with various socio-cultural and service organisations.