The world of marketing has peaked highest since the wave of digitization and newer ways of communication have opened up opportunities for both brands and marketers. Marketing and Advertising were industries always known for their art of storytelling and communication. Now, this art has grown into wider formats be it content creation, photography, videography, digital marketing, or even influencer marketing.

Social media and short-form content have created a huge market for influencers. Even though, today, there are many people doing this, very few are truly able to grasp the essence of content marketing and master the art of storytelling. This approach requires a thorough understanding of the target audience and the strengths of each niche. Enveloping this with authentic stories makes for a compelling selling point for the product or service being marketed by the influencer.

Sharing their thoughts on storytelling in the influencer industry, Pushppal Singh Bhatia from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though shares, “Personalization and authenticity are two very important pillars of influencer marketing. For the general audience watching a celebrity endorse a brand is common and people know the intention behind the marketing. However, with influencers, there is personal involvement. We are interacting with our audience on a daily basis and that builds a very real connection.”

Ravneet Kaur further adds, “Every influencer has built a niche for themselves and must also focus on specific collaborations that resonate with their personal brand and positioning. Being real with your stories and using an honest marketing approach is what has made the influencer community so strong and well-established.”

Moreover, natural and subtle plug-ins are the way to success for many influencer marketing campaigns. People are more open to trying a product if they feel the influencer personally uses them and is not just doing an advertisement. Hence, in many ways the forms of storytelling may have changed but if there is one thing that remains a constant is connecting with the target audience on a real level.

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