New Delhi, 30th August 2023 – Wild Stone, the renowned male grooming brand from McNROE, proudly announces the launch of the third edition of their immensely popular campaign, “BhaiZone Ka The End.” The campaign, known for its innovative and engaging approach, aims to resonate with its audience while showcasing the brand’s products in a lighthearted and relatable manner.

Last year the campaign won a bronze for its Meme Leg at the ET Brand Equity Trendies Awards 2021-22. Wild Stone strategically integrated memes, ensuring widespread visibility. Over 300 memes were thoughtfully crafted and disseminated across a vast network of 400+ meme pages, resulting in 20 million+ impressions. Building on it further, Wild Stone has taken a step forward by collaborating with popular couples/duos on Instagram such as Sakshi & Dheeraj, Aliya Hamidi & Aadil, Rohit & Aishwarya Tanishk & Aarzoo, and others. These influencers have skillfully woven the essence of Wild Stone Fragrances into their content, depicting amusing scenarios that revolve around how women shift their perspective from bro-zoning to a deeper connection, with a little help from Wild Stone’s captivating fragrances. The YouTube video released as part of the campaign has garnered an astounding 5 million views, capturing the attention of audiences across the nation.

Speaking about the campaign, Abhishek Sharma, Head Digital for Wild Stone at McNROE, said: “At Wild Stone, we believe in creating campaigns that not only entertain but also resonate with our audience on a personal level. ‘BhaiZone Ka the End’ is a testament to our commitment to showcase to young men in the country on how to hold their own confidently.”

Wild Stone’s ability to emotionally connect with consumers through relatable storytelling has fueled the triumph of the “BhaiZone Ka the End” campaign. Beyond engaging Instagram influencer videos, they have done vox-pop interviews with DU students, interactive outdoor selfie activity, and an innovative placard activity declaring colleges “bhai-Zone Free”. Further expanding its reach, Wild Stone partnered with meme pages for witty and shareable content.