Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google at Social Beat Leadership Summit
Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google at Social Beat Leadership Summit

Social Beat held a ‘Growth through Innovation’ digital leadership summit in Chennai attended by more than 100 high-level marketers spread across industries from the city and elsewhere. The Key Note address of the summit was by Mr CK Ranganathan, the founder, CM&MD of CavinKare, while marketing heads of Google, Snap Chat, TVS Europgrip and Sundaram Finance among others shared insights on their growth story with innovative strategies in expanding their customer base.

Mr. C K Ranganathan, Managing Director, CavinKare said, “Growth through innovation has be a structured process driven throughout the organization by company heads. Leaders have to be proactive, agile and develop strategic plans based on their market intelligence and trends. I think there are 5 key elements in ensuring the success of any organization and that is Strategy, Structure, People, Process and Technology. If a company understands these 5 steps and takes action in implementing them, then they are on the right track.”

Mr. Ajit Narasimhan, Chief Marketing Officer, Sundaram Mutual Fund said, “A lot has changed from around 2010 to where we are today. And I think there are three important changes with respect to the BFSI industry. One, technology. Two, Building presence. And when you build your presence, the audience wants to consume it so you need to start making investments in technology and thus the third, Adopting and embracing various digital platforms with content to reach out to our audience. Digital marketing and new technology is no more a cost centre, but an investment and revenue generator.”

Mr. Arjun Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP,, said, “The match making business has been in the online space for about 20 years now. But since there has been a traditional history to it we had to innovate to get people to accept our offering. Early on discovery was happening online and consumption was offline but now both the discovery and the consumption has moved online. Given the complexity of catering to the need of different groups with different beliefs, innovation via digital has helped us manage this transition and make match-making an easier process for the customer. Innovation at various levels have helped us get here.”

Ms. Kavitha Ganesan, Head-Brand Marketing, TVS Eurogrip said, “It is a challenge for an offline brand to get success via Integrated Marketing and that too for a low involvement category. A further challenge was how to move from brand communication to brand experience. At TVS Eurogrip we managed this via an innovative campaign that involved digital, traditional and innovation all focused towards making the brand speak and touch our prospects at various points. So the Integration with the Chennai Super Kings brand had to be supplemented with a well thought out innovative campaign that didn’t stop at TV Advertisements. We integrated the campaign though various touch points both in the digital and physical worlds. The end result was immensely satisfying and paid us rich dividends.”

Ms. Ruchita Taneja Aggarwal, Director, Google said, “India is going through rapid digitisation. Affordability of data has levelled the field and online content is consumed by everyone. Today, an individual has multiple devices. Therefore, its relevant for a brand to be present across various devices and various mediums. You Tube shorts that was first launched in India sees more than 6 million users and businesses need to create formats of communication workable in many verticals. At Google we see consumers coming to one platform to consume content of all kinds. So clearly YouTube is now a single stop destination that an organization cannot ignore.”

Mr. Gaurav Jain, Head of Emerging Business, Share Chat, said, “Growth today is coming equally from the urban and rural areas. We at Share Chat help companies to realize that significant improvement can be attained by generating content and promotions in regional languages. Today, Share Chat has a user base of more than 325 million. More than 30 crore people come to our platform on a monthly basis to get entertained, express themselves by posting videos which is why we are confident of guiding clients to help with messaging in the right context to generate maximum hits.”

Suneil Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat, said, “Social Beat is committed to innovation in the digital world to help our Clients excel in their domain. We offer solutions and practices to help customers break through bottlenecks in their transformation journey. Social Beat seeks to constantly innovate and offer products that will enable customers to make significant strides in their business digitally.”