This Gender Fluid collection comprises a stunning array of 40 Gold and Diamond Jewellery pieces featuring chains, bangles, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings

Gender Fluid Collection

India, 30th June, 2023: Melorra, one of India’s fastest-growing D2C brands, has launched India’s first-ever Gender Fluid fine jewellery collection this SS23. With the powerful message of “Be Fluid, Be You!” the collection aims to dissolve the boundaries of gender with respect to jewellery so that it is aligned with the global trend of gender neutrality.

Gender-fluid fashion has taken the industry by storm, empowering individuals to express their style without the confines of traditional gender labels representing an ever-evolving form of self-discovery. Inspired by this, Melorra has created a captivating Gold and Diamond jewellery collection that resonates with those who refuse to be “put in a box.”

Crafted with utmost artistry and care, the jewellery pieces are available in 22kt, 18kt and 14kt variations. Starting at an approximate price range of ₹20k, this collection offers a wide range of options for those who embrace the Gender Fluidity.

The trend has already gained traction among popular celebrities such as Zendaya, J Hope, Timothee Chalamet, Harry Styles, Lilly Singh, and Ranveer Singh, who have fearlessly embraced this empowering style. Even top fashion labels like Simone Rocha, Ludovic de Saint Sernin, Monse, and Peter do have showcased unisex fashion on their runways, showcasing the growing acceptance and demand for gender-fluid designs.

Through this new line of jewellery, Melorra celebrates the attempt to challenge heteronormative rules with jewellery that reflect an inclusive and unbound spirit. With its free, optimistic, inclusive, experimental, bold, and liberated mood, the collection captures the essence of the macro trend known as “Glunge” that depicts androgynous, mixed silhouettes, skirts, see throughs and net amongst many.

On the launch, Deepshikha Gupta, Sr. VP Design of Melorra said, “Out of the weekly launches, the Gender Fluid Collection is certainly one of them that will create a positive impact on the society. The Gender Fluid collection is a celebration of breaking the gender stereotypes by not catering to any specific gender, rather designed to be embraced by all (genders), allowing our consumers to embrace freedom of self-expression and confidence that reflect their unique diverse identities and individuality. Through this collection, we aim to challenge norms and create a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and celebrated”.

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