Revolutionizing Travel: MyTravaly's Instant Payment System Takes the Industry by Storm
Hamley Roy, Founder and CEO, MyTravaly

April 11, 2023, Bangalore, India: MyTravaly, the Bangalore-based travel startup, is making waves in the Indian travel industry with its innovative platform that offers a simple and hassle-free booking procedure for travelers. Founded by Hamlet Roy in 2019, MyTravaly aims to bridge the gap between travelers and hoteliers by providing a seamless experience for both parties.

With a focus on solving the key problem of delayed payments, MyTravaly has built a virtual space that ensures the hoteliers receive their payment instantly. The platform offers a simple and efficient way for hoteliers to maintain the list of guests checked-in and get paid without waiting for 15-20 working days. MyTravaly’s USP lies in its ability to offer a safe and secure payment gateway, which is an essential feature in today’s digital era.

MyTravaly has gained traction in the market with its innovative approach to travel booking, and it has already partnered with more than 2000 hotels across India. The platform has more than 2.55K happy clients, and 2.48K hosts have registered on the platform to date.

In addition to its innovative payment solution, MyTravaly also provides effective hotel management tools that are both efficient and easy to use. The platform’s mission is to deliver excellent service to each of its customers and facilitate a pleasant stay through a straightforward booking process for travelers.

MyTravaly’s founder, Hamlet Roy, is a visionary and change-maker with a boundless energy for making big ideas come to life. As an innovator, he has a unique ability to convert his dreams into reality and take pride in his achievements from a distance. Hamlet’s passion for travel continues to inspire him, and he is actively working towards developing an incredible travel community.

In the coming days, MyTravaly plans to decrease hotelier workload by enabling AI, which will streamline the booking process further. The platform is looking to partner with more hotels and expand its reach to other countries. MyTravaly’s ultimate goal is to be a leading light in the travel industry by empowering travelers, building community and hosting through enhanced technologies.

With the travel industry slowly recovering from the pandemic, MyTravaly is well-positioned to capitalize on the pent-up demand for travel. The platform’s innovative approach to travel booking, efficient payment gateway, and effective hotel management tools make it a compelling option for travelers looking for a hassle-free experience.

In conclusion, MyTravaly is a promising travel startup that has the potential to disrupt the Indian travel industry. Its innovative approach to travel booking, efficient payment gateway, and effective hotel management tools make it a compelling option for both travelers and hoteliers. With its founder’s passion for travel and a dedicated team of professionals, MyTravaly is poised to make a mark in the Indian travel industry and beyond.