Reliable operations in extreme conditions: Klüber Lubrication, a brand of Freudenberg at India Steel Expo 2023

Mumbai, 22nd April 2023 – The global expert in specialty lubricants, Klüber Lubrication, showcases their state-of-the-art solutions at the India Steel Expo 2023 (April 19th to 21st, Mumbai Exhibition Centre). There is a particular emphasis on the solutions from Klüber Lubrication helping steel plants in reliable operations while measurably improving productivity through their complete range of lubricants and the strong drive to help customers pursue a sustainable future.

Ensuring reliable operations in the harshest of conditions

Steel plants face very high investment costs due to the size of their equipment and long production lines. The most essential criteria in achieving ROI include: reduction of operational and maintenance costs, and reliable operations without unplanned downtime. Each unplanned event can result in significant income losses. Additionally, every component of the steel production process is required to produce higher volumes of steel year-on-year while maintaining the quality level and satisfying stricter environmental regulations.

Most customers consider frequent lubrication with commodity lubricants to be the norm. However, with specialty lubricants from Klüber, customers can significantly increase relubrication intervals and make unscheduled breakdowns an occurrence of the past. With more than eight decades of experience, Klüber Lubrication has been pioneering innovative lubrication solutions for the entire value chain of the steel manufacturing process from raw material processing, steel making and rolling to milling and packing.

Klüberplex HB 98-601/602 BH : the high-performance lubricant for multiple applications

This product was developed in true Klüber fashion in collaboration with a leading steel manufacturer to solve their frequent line jamming problem in the continuous casting process. It has not only solved this issue but has also resulted in longer relubrication intervals and reduced lube consumption. Klüberplex HB 98-601 BH is a semi-synthetic oil-based high-temperature grease with a high load carrying capability, excellent high temperature pumpability and low hardening tendency in continuous lubrication applications even under extreme temperatures.

Further, this versatile product can be used to great benefit for the following applications as well:

• Pellet trolley wheel bearing
• Conveyer bearing lubrication
• Cellar valves of coke oven
• Entry & Exit roller bearing of hot strip mill & more!

“We have more than 50 customers in India who are greatly benefitting from the product in terms of lowering their lubrication consumption, lowering bearing failure, promoting reliable operations & achieving higher productivity”, says Hitendra Bharagava, CEO and Regional Management Board Member Asia Pacific, Klüber Lubrication.

Holistic solutions contributing to a quantifiable reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO)
With high-performance lubricants and customized services, Klüber Lubrication helps customers to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through various means. Proven cases show that Klübersynth GH 6 and GEM 4 series of synthetic gear oils can help to reduce energy consumption by 2% – 5% – in times of increasing costs, this is more important than ever. By efficiently reducing friction, specialty lubricants also help to extend the lubrication intervals. As a result, this impacts occupational safety, since access to dangerous areas is further limited. Last but not least, the proper selection of lubricants helps extend the lifetimes of components even under extreme conditions and reduces downtime, thus significantly improving the reliability of the operation.

Klüber Lubrication retains EcoVadis gold medal for Sustainability in 2023
Founded in 2007, EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies, awarding a gold medal to only the top 4%. Klüber Lubrication won the gold medal first in 2022, and now we are proud to retain this with an even better score in 2023. We are focused on both reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our handprint which mainly involves helping our customers be more sustainable.

Klüber Lubrication India’s manufacturing plant in Mysore derives more than 55% of its energy from renewable sources. The latest proof: solar panels on the plant’s roof. “With 300 sunny days in Mysore, our photovoltaic system will reduce smog-causing NOx emissions by 3.5 tons, SOx emissions, which could result in acid rains, by 3.2 tons and also decrease asthma-causing particulates by 0.2 tons. In addition, the project will reduce CO₂ emissions by roughly 1,110 tons, equivalent to more than 88,000 trees. ” says Mr. Bhargava.
“Where Klüber really shines is in helping their customers be more sustainable through the use of their longer lasting and higher performing lubricants, thereby reducing waste, improving productivity and reducing energy consumption” he adds.