India, 3 Oct 2023: Racold, one of India’s leading home appliance brands, redefines the water heating landscape with the introduction of a premium range of water heaters. Brand has unveiled the highly anticipated 2023 editions of the new Omnis and Altro ranges of water heaters. A new range of water heaters is designed in Italy by renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo. These stunning designs elevate and complement the interiors of your urban bath spaces. Cutting-edge offerings exemplify Racold’s unwavering dedication to delivering innovative, modern, and energy-efficient water heating solutions.

The newly unveiled water heaters aim to cater to the diverse requirements and evolving preferences of customers through innovative features and solutions. Designed with utmost care, they have been meticulously built to ensure convenience, safety, efficiency, and the sheer joy of bathing.

Sharing his views on the new launch, Mr. Mohit Narula, Managing Director and Country Manager (India), Ariston Group India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Racold has been known for quality and innovation for over 60 years. We continuously invest in understanding consumer needs and their evolving buying and usage behaviors. Such studies have helped us develop the right product. The new range of water heaters has been developed to address the key pain points of new-age consumers. Our water heaters offer excellent energy efficiency and improved convenience, apart from giving better control. The avant-garde features include voice control, IoT-enabled smart app-based control, digital display, and advanced microprocessor-based features like auto diagnosis and many more. The new Omnis range, along with its existing portfolio, delivers a 5-star BEE rating, which will save energy for its users and underlines our commitment to manufacture the most energy-efficient products for sustainable and inclusive growth.”

Sharing his thoughts on achieving this milestone, Mr. Emanuele Stano, Vice President, Asia, said, “India is a focus market and a growth accelerator for Ariston Group. A young and growing population, coupled with economic development and infrastructure, are the pillars for solid and reliable expansion in a business category. Ariston Group is a global leader in thermal comfort and energy efficiency, and our purpose is to provide Indian consumers with high-quality hot water solutions while protecting the environment. The combination of Racold’s heritage, synonymous with thermal comfort in India, and the Italian tradition of the Ariston Group is a winning combination created and developed to best meet Indian consumers demand and taste.”

Omnis 2023: The premium range of storage geysers with unmatched innovation, connectivity, and convenience

Omnis DG Wi-Fi: A true master-piece that offers unprecedented control over your hot showers and will make anyone re-think the level of convenience this water heater can offer to its users. Available in an elegant black color, it comes in two capacity options: 15 and 25 liters. Omnis DG WiFi comes with the Voice Control feature, which allows users to interact with and control water heaters using Alexa or Google Assistant with the help of simple voice commands. Now simply say, “Alexa, turn on the water heater”

The other notable feature of Omnis DG WiFi is its artificial intelligence-based ECO functionality, which offers reduced energy consumption without compromising on comfort. Furthermore, users can access real-time notifications and monitor energy consumption through the built-in Wi-Fi control feature, accessible via the Racold Net app.

Omnis DG: Omnis DG is a technologically advanced water heater designed to deliver superior performance, utmost safety, and user convenience. Available in two-color options, namely Sandstorm Gold and Black, this model comes in different capacities of 10, 15, and 25 liters.

The standout features of this water heater include a digital display with touch control and advanced microprocessor-based auto-power-off and auto-diagnosis functionalities. Its industry-first silver ion technology effectively prevents the growth of bacteria, providing safe and healthy hot water every time.

The microprocessor in Omnis DG supports two of the most powerful features, namely auto-power-off and auto-diagnosis. The auto-off functionality allows users to pre-set a timer to switch off the water heater automatically, whereas the auto-diagnosis functionality offers the utmost safety to its users by continuously monitoring the product’s performance and ensuring that it operates within safe parameters.

Omnis R: This water heater is available in attractive Charming Grey and Premium White colors and is available in three capacity options: 10, 15, and 25 liters. Designed to prioritize safety and give unmatched performance. Omnis R comes with a Children Care Mode, which ensures the safety of children at home against accidental exposure to extreme hot water in the shower. The new Omnis R also features Titanium Plus Technology, giving it unmatched durability and tank protection from corrosion in hard water conditions. It is further enhanced by the Safety+ feature, which provides three layers of protection. Additionally, the inclusion of Flexomix enables a consistent supply of hot water for longer showers.

Altro 2023: The new age of stylish instant geysers for faster water heating

Altro i+: This premium instant geyser is available in elegant gray side rings, offering two capacities to choose from, i.e., 3 and 6 liters. It offers an array of innovative features, such as an intuitive smart LED ring to let you know when the hot water is ready and a customized application with kitchen and bath modes for added convenience.

The 6-liter variant stands out with its Duronox technology, which provides protection against hard water and extends the product’s life. On the other hand, the 3-liter model excels at faster heating with two heating power options of 3 kW and 4.5 kW.

Altro i: The Altro i instant water heater offers two different capacities: 1 and 3 liters, and two-color options, Grey and Blue (exclusive to the 3-liter variant). This recent release is an Italian master piece design that flaunts swirl wave design with dual LED indicators to enhance the aesthetics of your space. It is specifically designed with high pressure resistance, making it suitable for installation in high-rise buildings. Additionally, it offers faster heating capabilities (3 Kw and 4.5 Kw) and incorporates an anti-siphon system for added safety and prevention of backflow.

Altro i DN: Racold has introduced the latest model in a grey color ring option, featuring a capacity of 3 liters. This advanced water heater is specially made to operate in hard water conditions with cutting-edge Duronox technology combined with SS#316L for superior performance and durability. Equipped with key features like Safety Plus for 3 layers of safety, faster heating, anode for a longer life of the water heater, high pressure resistance for high-rise buildings, and dual LED indicators for enhanced visibility.

So, get ready to embrace the future of water heating with Racold and experience a whole new level of comfort and satisfaction.