High-contrast laser engraving, sophisticated designs, and integrated digital chips are among the enhanced security features used to prevent counterfeiting and alteration of modern identification (ID) documents. As one of the leading suppliers of specialty films for identity documents, Covestro continues its materials innovations to support the next generation of ID documents.

Covestro will showcase its comprehensive specialty films portfolio for producing highly secure ID documents, such as passports and e-ID cards, at Trustech 2022, in Paris, France from November 29 to December 1. The company’s polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film solutions enable integrated security features, making ID documents highly difficult to replicate yet easy to authenticate.

Polycarbonate film addressing circular economy

Covestro is on a journey to become fully circular in the future. “We continue to innovate throughout different segments and applications, including ID documents, to increase circularity and realize our vision of becoming a fully circular company,” shares Dr. Aleta Richards, Head of the Specialty Films segment at Covestro. At Trustech 2022, Covestro will debut a partly mechanically recycled white PC film[1] that helps contribute to a circular economy in the ID market segment. Makrofol® ID357 white PC film offers properties, quality, and performance similar to the company’s renowned Makrofol® ID white PC film. ID document manufacturers can easily combine this new offering with Makrofol® ID clear and clear laser engravable films.

Linxens, a leading provider of secure component-based solutions for security and identification, will utilize Makrofol® ID357 in its newest document inlay solution. “Our

collaboration with Covestro is a win-win situation: Covestro has the first commercial application for its new film with partly recycled PC content and we have the material needed for our latest ID PC inlay solution,” adds Vincent Gourmelen, Government Marketing Director at Linxens.

”As counterfeiters become more sophisticated, the ID segment must be dynamic and constantly evolving,” explains Henry Leung, Global Segment Manager, Identification, Specialty Films at Covestro. “We are always pushing the boundaries of film material solutions in supporting the industry, partners, and customers. Our collaboration with Linxens is an excellent example of how working together, we’re able to help our customers take a more sustainable approach to bring their innovative solutions to the market.”

Integrated passport solution leveraging specialty films

Durable and secure travel documents are necessary for government issuing authorities, document manufacturers, travelers, and border control agencies. Covestro offers an innovative passport solution leveraging PC and TPU films with high design flexibility including the booklet cover, hinge, and data page.

Covestro offers a TPU film solution to enable flexible scratch and tear-resistant passport covers. For passport e-Covers, TPU films can also help better cushion and protect the embedded chips and antennas. These next-generation passport covers can be equipped with various security features and customized with different surface textures and colors. TPU films are also utilized in the passport hinge application, creating a flexible, strong passport hinge that bonds well with polycarbonate data page films.

For the ID document data page, Covestro continues to drive innovation with PC films that can enable multiple security features after lamination and laser personalization. Covestro will also showcase a clear polycarbonate film that can help minimize background UV fluorescence in polycarbonate documents. The film can enable a level 2 security feature for laser-engraved raised tactile characters.

Trustech 2022 attendees can visit the Covestro booth G025 in Pavilion 5.2 to learn more about the company’s material solutions and meet with our technical experts for ID documents. Additionally, Georgios Tziovaras, Global Business Development Manager Identification in the Specialty Films business, will give two talks on pushing boundaries in ID document innovations: a presentation in Room 1 on November 29 at 11:20 a.m. CET and on the Innovation Stage on November 30 at 11 a.m. CET.