Delhi/Bhopal December 2022: PR 24×7, one of the fastest growing organizations in the Public Relations sector in India, on the occasion of its Foundation Day on 3rd December, unveiled its new Logo and renovated office as the ‘Best Regional PR Agency’ of the country. The new Logo reflects the company’s legacy of new energy, technology, and years of quality services, marching ahead with more confidence.

Along with the rebranding, the organization has also announced the expansion of its operations in the South and Eastern part of the country. At the same time, along with traditional PR, the organization is also expanding its services in other sectors like Influencer, Social Media Services, Content Creation, and Video Making/Editing.

PR 24×7, a three-time recipient of the Prestigious Quality Mark Award for its best performance, reflects its 20+ years of experience in a new avatar with a message of dynamism, progress in a wider spectrum. Strengthening its presence in remote areas and small towns, the organization has also taken initiatives to bring together veteran PR professionals from various states and regional organizations.

On this occasion, Parineeta Nagarkar, Vice President (Client Services) of the organization said, “Upgrading ourselves, our work area and the surrounding environment with time enhances our productivity more. With this approach, we are officially announcing some new services in the field of client servicing, which will directly prove to be beneficial for Progressive clients.”

Referring to the continuation of the practice of being active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than two decades and being the first in line for every client’s need, Senior Manager PR (Mumbai) Sansriti Mishra said, “Over the years, with time we have learned many things and accepted many changes in this field. We were available as per the requirement of the client. We believe learning is a constant process and everything we learn will help us progress and add value to our services. Now with a new Logo and new services, our message reflects our willingness to keep learning and improving, even after being in the industry for a long time.”

PR 24×7 has made significant contributions towards education, healthcare, and women empowerment through CSR activities. While a pioneer in regional PR, the firm has simplified services for consumers in sectors such as Beauty-Fashion, Consumer Brands, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Technology, Non-Profit, Corporate Communications, and Reputation Management. The organization, which has been active for decades as a media monitoring agency, has also been best in maintaining the record of tracking more than 650 newspapers and more than 50 magazines from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal on more than 1500 keywords daily.