NSE, India’s leading exchange, reported a standalone net profit of Rs 1,810 crores for Q4 of FY23, showing a growth of 19% on an year-on-year basis. NSE had posted a net profit of Rs 1,518 crores profit for the corresponding quarter last year. Net profit margins were maintained at 51%.

On a full year basis, NSE reported total operating income of Rs 11,181 crores, showing a growth of 44% YoY. For Q4, NSE reported operating income of Rs 3,295 crores showing a growth of 32% YoY.

At the operating EBITDA level, NSE posted a margin of 69% for Q4FY23 on a standalone basis compared to 73% in the corresponding quarter last year.

On the trading volumes front, cash markets recorded an average daily traded volumes (ADTVs) of Rs 53,694 crores (down 20% YoY) while the equity futures reached an ADTV of Rs 1,14,831 crores (down 3% YoY). Options ADTVs stood at 47,744 crores (premium), showing a growth of 73% YoY.

Consolidated income from operations stood at Rs 3,453 crores for the quarter, up by 31% YoY. Apart from trading, the total revenue was also supported by other revenue lines including listing, index services, data services and colocation facility.

On a consolidated basis, NSE posted a net profit of Rs 2,067 crores on a consolidated basis for Q4 FY23, up by 31% YoY. The Company had posted a net profit of Rs 1,580 crores for Q4 FY22. The net profit margins were 55% for Q4FY23 on a consolidated basis, similar to last year.

For the full year, NSE’s net profit after tax on a consolidated basis is at Rs 7,356 crores versus Rs 5,198 crores in FY22. Income from operations stood at Rs 11,856 crore in FY23 compared to Rs 8,313 crores crore in the corresponding period of the previous year. Total revenue on a consolidated basis stood at Rs 12,765 crores showing a growth of 44% YoY.

On a consolidated basis, earnings per share increased to Rs 41.73 this quarter from Rs 31.88 in the same quarter last year. For the full year, earnings per share increased from Rs 104.95 in FY22 to Rs 148.58 for FY23. NSE’s Board recommended a dividend of Rs 80 per share for the year ending FY23. The final dividend shall be subject to the approval of shareholders at the upcoming AGM.

During the quarter NSE contributed Rs 203.45 crores to the Core Settlement Guarantee Fund (CSGF) maintained by NSE Clearing. The object of the Core SGF is to ensure that sufficient funds would be readily and unconditionally available to meet settlement obligations of a Clearing Corporation in case of a clearing member failing to honour settlement obligations. The total Core Settlement Guarantee fund stands at Rs 5,284 crores.

During the current financial year NSE Contributed Rs 28,989 crores to the exchequer of which STT comprised of Rs 21,965 crores, Stamp duty Rs 1,987 crores, GST Rs 1,655 crores, income tax Rs 2,687 crores and SEBI fees Rs 695 crores. In the last 5 years, cumulative contribution from NSE to national exchequer and SEBI works out to Rs 98, 268 crores.