Food Fest

~ The festival, which is all about eating, shopping, and having fun with family and friends, includes a flea market, numerous contests, and entertainment for people of all ages~

27th May 2022: Food unites people. Whether it’s home-cooked food or a gourmet dish, good food binds people together with love, and joy. News18 Tamil Nadu has taken the initiative to spread happiness by hosting ‘Food Fest 2022’ from June 3rd to 5th at Prozone Mall in Coimbatore.

The channel promises to offer a melange of taste, culture, and fun by bringing the greatest cuisines and delicacies under one roof. Living up to its theme, ‘Eat! Shop! Celebrate!’ News18 Tamil Nadu’s Food Fest 2022 will provide a bustling environment that will include a flea market from various brands for fun shopping and contests with attractive prizes running throughout the day, in addition to wonderful treats.

Offering a sweeping amusement, the event will also host a Furniture Expo, Family Entertainment, and Musical Shows. The event will be open to everyone, families and friends can experience the food fest for free. The much needed opportunity to unwind and spend an enjoyable event, News18 Tamil Nadu assures to provide them with much respite of fun.