May 2022, Mumbai: Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip, you need your essentials ready and accessible. As much as it is fun to travel, let’s face it – handling luggage and packing stuff can be a tiresome routine. Nasher Miles is here to change the game. The new-age digital-first brand is here to make travelling easy, efficient, and colourful for you with a wide range of 200+ luggage bags.


A few years ago, at an international terminal waiting for their luggage on the baggage belt, the founders realized how monotonous every bag looked. This seemed like an opportunity to break the chain that led to the birth of a brand that is driven by nothing but innovation. Every single piece created at Nasher Miles is designed and engineered to set the customer apart. The bags are bold and sturdy, helping you stand out from the crowd of the same old-fashioned grey and black bags. Adding extra fun to your travel experience and going the distance, Nasher Miles suitcases always keep you a step ahead in all your late hurries with eight smooth wheels that serve as your travel buddy as you rush last-minute towards your flight.

“Our goal has always been to push the envelope with designs, colours, and combinations such that our luggage looks unique and has always set itself apart at the airport,” said Lokesh Daga, Co-Founder

Their collections are named after places such as Mumbai, Paris, and Nicobar, and their most recent collection is named Istanbul and has dual-coloured luggage which is not typically prevalent on many a suitcase on the conveyor belt. What sets them apart are their pastel hues and their unique and modern combinations of colours which complement the newly established “airport look” as travellers this summer gear up for their trip around the globe. From shades of teal interposed with sailor blue and peach and pink interposed with a sombre grey or the timeless blue and yellow – with these combinations, you cannot go wrong.

“The reason Nasher Miles was created was to provide travellers with an opulent and premium looking, durable luggage set of excellent quality that was aspirational yet affordable,” said Abhishek Daga, Co-Founder

Nasher Miles keeps the promise of being a faithful companion in all your travels with colourful bags and a premium collection of bags, backpacks, and luggage trolleys have a shell that is unbreakable and comes with a lifetime warranty against any damage to the shell.

“Since the beginning, we’ve been very affirmative of delivering the best to our fellow travellers and we believe in zero compromises. The outer shells of our bags are excellent and nearly unbreakable which we are proud of,” said Shruti Daga, Co-Founder