Bengaluru, May 25, 2023: Ahead of EORS-18, Myntra has introduced ‘MyFashionGPT’, powered by ChatGPT, to enable natural language based queries for seamless product discovery and get various options across related categories to complete looks, offering customers an unparalleled shopping experience. This pioneering feature is capable of discovering fashion ensembles at scale, based on looks relevant to destinations, events, celebrity styling ideas or occasions and many more, and is set to revolutionise the future of shopping for fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

‘MyFashion GPT’ enables shoppers to search for specific outfit needs by typing text in a manner that closely resembles natural speech. Based on the nature of the query, customers will be shown up to 6 ensemble options including products across multiple categories from top wear, bottom wear, footwear, accessories to makeup. For instance, under women, when asked for “what can I wear for a wedding in Jaipur”, the feature will show multiple results that include sarees, blouses, salwars, jhumkas, lipsticks, and footwear from Myntra’s widest collection of over 2.1 million styles.

Myntra to launch MyFashionGPT ahead of its EORS-18

How MyFashionGPT will revolutionise customer’s shopping experience:

Customers get multiple look options based on global trends, can take inspiration for wedding ensembles, buy vacation outfits and shop for celeb-inspired looks among many others.

Myntra to launch MyFashionGPT ahead of its EORS-18

While interacting with the disruptive MyFashionGPT, users can ask for outfit queries based on popular events like IPL, travel locations like beaches, celebrity looks from popular movies, occasions like weddings and festivals of India and many more. The AI-based assistant can keep refining its results as per the follow-up queries posted by the user.

Some of the fashion queries which MyFahsionGPT will be able to process and show results based on the ChatGPT’s response, from millions of styles available on Myntra:

  • Show me groom’s dresses for a South Indian wedding
  • I want to go to Goa in May, what should I wear. And I like blue.
  • What to wear with Pink Lehenga?
  • What should I wear to a Leh bike trip?
  • What should I gift my best friend for her wedding
  • Tell me what to wear for trekking
  • I am travelling to Australia for a holiday in summer, what should I wear

For new users, the feature will make the interaction simpler and they can search for a complete look easily. This feature will help not just new users but also existing users. They can discover looks based on what’s on their mind, without having the need to search for individual products. Many a times people are figuring out in their own mind as to what they need for a certain look or an occasion and then search for individual products. Example- I want a saree, blouse, jhumkas, red lipstick, sandals for a wedding. But now with MyFashionGPT everything is coming under just one search – “What to wear for a wedding”.

Tech behind MyFashionGPT: 
Developed in-house by the Myntra team, the new product discovery feature is powered by OpenAI’s large language model, ChatGPT 3.5. The user search is sent to the ChatGPT model to fetch the looks for the user, creating appropriate prompts. The ChatGPT response is then processed by Myntra’s search ecosystem to show curated lists of products across multiple categories for the selected look to the user. ChatGPT’s recommendations use internet-trained datasets and are based on the semantic understanding of the user’s query.

Speaking on the launch of MyFashionGPT, Raghu Krishnananda, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Myntra, said, “We are thrilled to introduce MyFashionGPT, our revolutionary ensemble suggestions feature powered by ChatGPT. It is a special launch as we are arguably the first fashion, beauty and lifestyle platform, globally, to roll out this feature to the entire customer base at this scale. In our journey to democratise fashion using technology, this latest innovation will empower our customers to express their fashion needs to Myntra in an intuitive manner and allow them to choose looks from over 2 million styles. We believe this feature will redefine how customers will explore and embrace fashion, making every wardrobe choice a statement of individuality.

MyFashionGPT will provide an elevated discovery and shopping experience to consumers, across metros and non-metros, who have a higher reliance on textual natural language searches. This will also be very relevant for the Gen-Z shoppers. With this feature, Myntra will be able to give customers an intuitive shopping experience that will provide enhanced discoverability experience, boost engagement, drive higher shopping intent and make shopping more fun.

Users can access the MyFashionGPT feature on the Myntra app via ‘M-Xplore’, the Floating Action Button on the Home Page. Additionally, customers clicking the ‘search bar’ on the app to discover products will also see an option to try the MyFashionGPT feature.

Going forward, the plan is to support voice search, conversational interaction just like talking to a sales assistant, and personalization of outfit recommendations. For example, if the user is searching for a party attire, the outfit recommendations will use the customers’ previous shopping history, styles and brands preferences as well as the price points, in addition to allowing users to further refine the results based on additional inputs in a conversational style.

This novel feature will further strengthen Myntra’s position as an innovative player in the global fashion tech space by introducing pioneering services using contemporary technology that provides superlative customer experience. Recently, the company also announced the launch of MyStylist, an AI based stylist expert to provide customers with expert styling tips and Vernacular Search in 11 languages on its platform. With Myntra’s flagship biannual event, End of Reason Sale around the corner, the company’s tech innovations, along with its width of selection will give customers a highly differentiated shopping experience.