For the past 15 years, the emergence of content creators have been widely reported, but the economy that has accompanied it is seeing unprecedented growth. Almost 50 million people worldwide identify as creators, with the creative economy being valued more than $100 billion; nonetheless, the vast majority are amateurs.

The creator space will see a new format and development in 2023, and user-generated platforms are gaining more traction than they did in the previous year. India is also moving closer to having platforms that provide exclusive, individualised, and targeted content for particular people. To give material that is more personalised than it was previously, content creators have quietly begun experimenting with formats like podcast-style talks, panel discussions, closed group networking, video and audio chats. User-generated platforms are allowing producers to produce original material, connect with smaller audiences who are all looking for similar content, and make money from the comfort of their own homes.

Creators and professionals emerged as a result of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, and as digital adoption increased, so did their popularity. Today, India has almost 80 million substance makers, including video streamers, influencers, bloggers, makers on OTT stages and basically anybody fabricating a local area around their specialty. In point of fact, there are approximately 1.5 lakh professional content creators who earn more than $200 per month, and there are a few breakout stars who earn more than $100,000 per month. The global market for the content creation economy, as estimated by Kalaari Capital, is valued at $104.2 billion.

In addition, by 2026, there will be 650 million active social media users in India, up from 448 million today. These users consume content for an average of 4.6 hours per day.

We have narrowed down the list of 4 platforms that empower the content creator to grow financially the world’s first content creator-focused Travel Commerce platform that incentivises content creators by sharing revenues of bookings influenced by the creator. Launched in collaboration with Dubai Tourism, is the flagship offering of travel tech innovator – kitmytrip. Powered by their e-commerce enabled no-code platform, offers the content creators (the Insiders) their own studio to showcase their travel content, boosting the success of a whole new set of travel micro-entrepreneurs – the Travelpreneurs.’s uniqueness is their capability to make the travel content bookable. For this has already done tie-ups with experience providers across 200 global destinations, which is being made live on the platform in phases over the coming months. Building on their rapid growth, is already collaborating with marquee brands like Zomato, SBI, Dubai Tourism to bring the benefits of their platform to the global traveller.


With over 26,000 influencers, Plixxo is one of the largest influencer marketing networks in India. It serves both brands and influencers. For access to paid campaigns, bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, Instagram influencers, and campus influencers can register on the site. Via Plixxo, brands may also ask thousands of influencers to participate in their marketing campaign. Plixxo, in short, makes managing influencer marketing for brands easier. Plixxo is a platform that checks influencers’ profiles, reach, and statistics. This demonstrates that they are legitimate influencers and that Plixxo is a powerful instrument for generating revenue that enables them to participate in sponsored marketing campaigns.


Momspresso is India’s largest user-generated content platform for women and has been around for a decade. With the assistance of influencers, content creators, and other individuals, the platform is assisting brands in conceptualizing and launching digital campaigns by leveraging traffic on their social media platforms in ten distinct languages.
It is a content platform with multiple languages that caters to the diverse moms of today. It’s a mom-focused platform bubbling with possibilities.With the launch of its micro-influencer platform known as MyMoney, the company is also promoting financial independence for working moms. The send off of this exceptional component underlines Momspresso’s responsibility towards improving the advertising adequacy of brands needing to target mothers. MyMoney uses “everyday moms,” who buy brands, to spread the word to friends, family, and other mothers.

Hubhopper Studio:

List of 4 platforms that empowers content creators to grow financially

The largest platform for podcasting and audio-on-demand in India is Hubhopper. The Hubhopper Studio platform is intended for potential Indian audio content creators. It makes it possible for anyone to free-make, distribute, and host podcasts. Utilizing the platform’s exceptional features, creators can now effortlessly record audio content, have it distributed widely for free through Hubhopper’s distribution network, and finally make money from the content by connecting with the right brands.