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New Delhi/Singapore, 3rd November 2022: Liminal, a digital wallet infrastructure platform, announced a strategic alliance with Metamask Institutional, a global Defi wallet and Web3 gateway for organizations, to drive institutional crypto adoption. As a part of the association, Liminal users can connect their Liminal wallets at the click of a button with Metamask Institutional and use it just like they would use the defactoEthereum wallet app, i.e. MetaMask with the added security of Multi-Sig and all benefits of Liminal wallets. Liminal institutional users can now access and tap into the liquidity of numerous DefidApps.

Liminal, the first choice for secure crypto custody solutions, is on a mission to create a secure destination for crypto-led investments by providing impeccable security to crypto holdings across institutional and retail investors. The formal tax regime for crypto assets introduced this year has encouraged a large number of institutions to explore digital assets to achieve their financial/business goals.

Commenting on the development Manan Vora, Senior Vice President- Strategy & Operations at Liminal, said, “We are thrilled to find a like-minded partner in Metamask Institutional. The symbiotic association between Liminal and Metamask Institutional will be a game changer for the booming crypto industry as it will provide an encrypted and highly secure environment to large crypto holdings.”

Commenting on the developments, Liz Mathew, Global Head of Growth and Partnerships for MetaMask Institutional, said, “Onboarding Liminal as a custodian under Metamask Institutional brings additional choice to Metamask Institutional customers and solidifies MMI’s position as the premier institutional wallet for Web3.”

Liminal users simply need to login to the dashboard, click on MetaMask Institutional, set up the browser extension, and link it with their Liminal Ethereum and EVM wallets, once done they can interact with DefidApps as they would normally with MetaMask extension; however, for all transactions approvals will be required from all users of Multi-Sig Wallets setup in Liminal. Liminal Wallet users will be required to request access to MetaMask Institutional, and once approved, they can access directly from Dashboard.