Leadup Universe and XLRI

New Delhi, 23rd August 2023: Joining forces in a strategic partnership, Leadup Universe, Asia’s foremost career acceleration organization, and XLRI, a revered institution in human resources management education, have embarked on a transformative journey. This collaboration signifies a pivotal advancement in the mission to shape exemplary HR Leaders and accomplished CHROs. At the heart of this partnership lies the flagship program, “Post Graduate Diploma in Management – HRM for Emerging CHROs.” This immersive 18-month experience is tailored to empower Business HRs, HR Specialists ranging from N-1s and N-2s up to CHROs, as well as ambitious Business Leaders aspiring to the CHRO role. Armed with essential knowledge, refined skills, and an invaluable network, participants are poised for success. Leadup Universe and XLRI are united in their dedication to excellence, ushering in an era where HR luminaries are forged, and CHRO aspirations find their ultimate realization.

The 18-month program commenced its journey in 2022 with Batch 1, comprising 40 participants, and continued its impactful trajectory with Batch 2, which launched this year, welcoming 50 applicants.

Undoubtedly, the program’s inception amidst the challenging backdrop of the pandemic underscores the unwavering commitment of senior leaders. Leadup Universe recognized the imperative for reskilling and reinvestment in oneself to remain future-ready even in times of uncertainty.

“The PGDM-HRM program for Emerging CHROs at XLRI represents a transformative journey for aspiring CHROs, arming them with the right competencies and perspectives required to shape the future of HR leadership. XLRI’s legacy of producing industry leaders combined with its forward-looking approach makes this program an exceptional opportunity for emerging CHROs to drive organizational excellence.” stated Prof. Premarajan RK, Program Director, PGDM HRM, XLRI

“We are thrilled on our strategic alliance with XLRI, an institution synonymous with HR leadership excellence,” stated Rashmi Mandloi, Co-founder of Leadup Universe. “Our program, PGDM HRM for Emerging CHROs,’ not only imparts cutting-edge HR expertise but also empowers participants with the strategic insights essential for navigating the complexities of modern business.”

Mayank Verma, CEO & Co-founder of Leadup Universe, echoed this sentiment, expressing, “Our collaboration with XLRI further bolsters our commitment to equipping leaders with the proficiencies and insights needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape.”

A testament to the program’s prowess is the remarkable completion rate of 100%, coupled with year-on-year growth—a feat unparalleled in the realm of EdTech programs. This resounding success underscores the program’s efficacy in delivering transformative education and skill-building.

Beyond its academic rigor, the program uniquely bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Leadup Universe has meticulously established a network of seasoned CXOs, infusing a practitioner’s perspective into the curriculum and offering participants a holistic view of HR leadership.

The Emerging CHROs program’s curriculum is meticulously curated to foster future C-Suite capabilities, cultivating growth, survival, and a digital mindset for the future. It leverages flexible technology-enabled learning, making it accessible to working professionals. The program features three on-campus immersions and an advanced responsive learning platform.

The global program outlook provides participants with invaluable exposure to top companies through live capstone projects and sessions with international academicians as well as with top consulting firms. This distinctive approach ensures participants gain a holistic perspective on the future of work and leadership.

Notably, the Class of 2023, showcased impressive industry diversity with representation from BFSI (12%), Healthcare (14%), Manufacturing (8%), HR & Consulting services (6%). Female leaders comprised 36% of the cohort. An astounding 88% of the class are predominantly Senior HR Leaders, boasting an average work experience of 17 years and an average age of 41 years.

Leadup Universe envisions nurturing 2,000 visionary CXOs who will redefine the very fabric of work by 2026. This ambition aligns seamlessly with the program’s mission of crafting leaders who drive innovation, resilience, and impactful change.