Photograph Tapsee Pannu

Laiqa, a startup founded in 2019 makes another effort of educating the audience about normalizing period conversation by releasing a heartfelt message for everyone by Co- Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Taapsee Pannu. In a world where something as natural as ‘periods’ is discussed in code names and whispers, misinformation and unclarity are just a byproduct. This World Menstrual Hygiene Day the brand pledge together to make more informed choices and start with something as basic as a conversation.


Laiqa, is the brainchild of a chemical engineer turned entrepreneur, Monica Bindra. The brand has Bollywood actress, Taapsee Pannu as their Chief Innovation Officer and has joined forces to make a difference in the thought of our society about normalizing periods.

The monologue talks from P to P; How Periods are considered secretive and inauspicious and Pregnancy is a celebrated and talked about marvel. How people are still not ready to talk about the “those which must not be named days of the month for women”. It is enlightening about how people should not be calling it a girl’s problem and should embrace the reality. Pannu emphasizes how this is still like hiding the elephant in the room. The brand has raised a question about what are people doing about it and trying to explain that we shouldn’t be ridiculing the phenomena for our very existence.

Speaking on the day, Monica Bindra, Co-Founder, Laiqa, stated, “The brand continues to focus on its mission to make periods comfortable and educating people about making it normal to discuss. We took this opportunity on World Menstrual Hygiene Day to run a campaign on our social media about breaking the myths attached to periods and concluding it with our very own Taapsee Pannu’s heartfelt monologue. We feel that it reaches the right audience when fans follow their inspiration and sure helps us to reach our audience.

According to a study, 71 percent of adolescent girls in India are uninformed of menstruation, due to a dearth of discussion about periods, until they experience it for themselves. Another study found that just 36% of India’s 355 million menstruation women use sanitary napkins. However, as the usage of social media has increased in recent years, women have begun to share their narratives about menstruation, and this appears to be a little change in society, or at least a start. Laiqa aspires to utilize social media to spread positivity, educate, and increase awareness among the people.