Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean in Style with Samsung’s New Bespoke Jet™ & Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
Bespoke Jet™ & Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

GURUGRAM, India – March 29, 2023 – Samsung, India’s largest consumer electronics brand, has launched its premium range of vacuum cleaners in India – The Bespoke Jet™, a stick-type cordless vacuum, and the powerful and intuitive Robotic Jet Bot+. The new upgraded line-up of vacuum cleaners is customized for Indian consumers that not only offers effortless cleaning solutions but also comes in stunning designs that complement the indoors of every living space. Designed and developed to fit right into the living rooms of modern households, the new range ensures 99.999% dust-free cleaning* with a Multi-layered Filtration System.

Bespoke is a concept by Samsung wherein it aims to design home appliances that are stunningly beautiful and express the individual taste of its user. Samsung’s Bespoke is a lineup of Refrigerators, Microwaves and now Vacuum Cleaners designed to be a part of a person’s home décor, reflecting their aesthetic preferences and elements of identity. Coming with ultrachic Bespoke designs, the vacuum cleaners not only promise seamless cleaning sessions but also enhance the style quotient of indoor spaces.

Bespoke Jet™ comes with an innovative design that is first in its class and offers an effortless and hygienic cleaning experience. In addition to its All-in-One Clean Station™, a dock that charges your vacuum cleaner and automatically empties the dustbin, the Bespoke Jet™ is lighter and is equipped with a more enhanced Digital Inverter Motor than its predecessor for even more powerful cleaning. Available in two variants – Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra, a vacuum cleaner + a mop, in Midnight Blue color, and Bespoke Jet™ Pet, a dry vacuum in Woody Green color, the Bespoke Jet™ range comes with powerful 210W suction capability, allowing consumers to enjoy cleaning that is comfortable too.

With this new line-up, Samsung has forayed into robotic vacuum cleaners for the first time in India while demonstrating cutting-edge innovations via intelligent solutions to optimize home cleaning routines for consumers. Robotic Jet Bot+ comes with a clean station to auto-empty the dustbin, smart connectivity and control through the SmartThings app, voice recognition and LiDAR sensor-based navigation.

Priced INR 65,900 onwards, the new line-up will be available on, Samsung Exclusive Stores, and the new Samsung Shop App in addition to leading online store – Amazon.

“Consumer focus towards a hygienic lifestyle has increased multi-folds. Our new line-up of vacuum cleaners has been designed to address consumer needs for hygiene and convenience along with great aesthetics, and best-in-class technology. An all-in-one clean station, 99.999% multi-layered filtration system, Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control, and LiDAR sensor-based navigation make our vacuum cleaners the best choice for modern consumers. With our Bespoke Jet™ and Jet Bot+ vacuum cleaners, we are confident to improve the lifestyle of consumers by making cleaning more convenient,” said Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, at Samsung India.

Key Features of Vacuum Cleaners

All-In-One Clean Station

The Bespoke Jet™ Series and Jet Bot+ come with the All-in-One Clean Station™, which keeps a user’s space hygienic while cleaning. When docked, the All-in-One Clean Station™ empties the dustbin thanks to Samsung’s unique Air Pulse technology and also automatically charges the vacuum cleaner at the same time.

A 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System* makes sure that only clean air is released from the station.

Powerful Cleaning From Start to Finish

Users can clean their homes much more thoroughly with advanced technologies that enable powerful cleaning. Digital Inverter Motor maximizes the suction power to 210W for Bespoke Jet™ and up to 2500pa for Jet Bot+ facilitating deeper cleaning of surroundings.

The Intelligent Power Control feature of Jet Bot+ enables identification of the type of surface it needs to clean as well as the amount of dust that is on it becomes easy. Using this information, the unit can automatically adjust its suction power for a more optimized cleaning session.

Equipped with a long-lasting battery that contains 2 units, Bespoke Jet™ Series (Jet Pro Extra and Jet Pet) is a reliable and dependable offering for customers that can run for up to 2 hours (120 mins) at a stretch.

Best-in-Class Design

The Bespoke Jet™ Series incorporates the first-ever All-in-one clean station-based design which parks, charges, and cleans automatically. Bespoke Jet™ also features a lightweight design, weighing just 1.44 kgs (handheld body), that makes the cleaning process more convenient.

The Bespoke Jet™ Series also features an integrated digital display (showing vital information such as charging levels, running time, suction power, maintenance, and error guides), a Telescopic pipe, & fully washable dustbin.

LiDAR Sensor Enabled for Convenient Cleaning

Samsung Jet Bot+ navigation technology is based on LiDAR sensors (Light detection and ranging). A LiDAR Sensor accurately tracks Jet Bot’s location by scanning a room to gather distance information. So it moves around efficiently and covers more of your home.

Users can control and monitor the Jet Bot+ remotely using the SmartThings app on their smartphones. The robot vacuum can be scheduled to clean selectively in either a single room or multiple rooms with the Select & Go function. The app can also be used to custom-define virtual No-Go Zones to prevent the unit from entering certain areas without the need for physical barriers.

Live Cleaning Report

With Live Cleaning Report, users can easily track the movement of their Robotic Jet Bot+ on a virtual map of their homes in real-time. Users can see where it has been cleaned and even pause it or instruct it to stop cleaning. Once it has completed cleaning, users can check its cleaning history to see which areas have been cleaned, how long it took, and which path it followed.

Voice Control

The smart robot also offers Bixby, Alexa, and Google Home voice recognition capabilities, meaning users can use voice commands to schedule cleaning sessions, change modes, or even ask for the latest information such as news or weather updates.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet™ Vacuum Cleaner range includes the Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra (Vacuum + Mop) priced at INR 89,900/-, Bespoke Jet™ Pet (Vacuum) at INR 79,900, and Jet Bot+ at INR 65,900, with the promise to provide Hygienic cleaning from start to finish.