National, 4th November 2022: O’hi, a social networking app that lets people connect with each other sitting in the same café, helps eliminate the hesitation to approach someone in a public space for introverts and eliminates regret of not speaking to someone you wanted to. O hi has recently been named one of the top 20 Social Networking Applications on the App Store. O hi is ranked 17th out of 20 top key players in the market. Ohi addresses real-life difficulties in the middle of a café or similar networking spaces. An App that connects people sitting in the same cafe & other modes around users’ day-to-day social life is now ranked in the Top 20 social networking apps on the Apple store ahead of the new age global hit apps like Skype and Bereal etc.

The long-awaited rise of O hi is unique as for over 11 months team kept themselves in Beta running a lot of iterations, and R&D on how to architect & make all aspects of short and long-term plans of O hi feasible to fit into the day-to-day life of people who go out to cafes, etc.

The company is backed by a Co-founder of DST global Rahul Mehta, Angellist US, etc. O hi has observed over 100K+ users and aims to increase its user base to 5Mn+ by the end of 2023.

Co-founders, Ms. Adeeti Singh and Mr. Rupal Sharma believe it’s a long journey to build this absolutely new type of social network, and being in beta for an extended period has helped them build a strong foundation & pipeline to make it useful, and fun for people going out to cafes, lounges, etc. across the globe.