Interweave Consulting brings the Second Thought Leadership Session on the growing need for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for organisations

Bengaluru, 23rd November 2022: Continuing with its efforts of making workplaces inclusive for all, leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) firm Interweave Consulting is bringing its Second Thought Leadership Session on “Establishing Effective ERGs” on 24th November. The unique session will host corporate leaders, policymakers, and experts engaging in a thought-provoking discussion on a Linkedin live session, sharing their insights on the growing need for employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster diverse, inclusive workplaces.

As organisations are actively stepping up to make workplaces diverse and inclusive, an ERG program can help them create a platform for employees from diverse backgrounds to get access to support and develop a sense of belonging toward the companies they work for. It can also aid them with organisational support, community building, and access to decision-makers. The Second Thought Leadership Session will focus on the need for organisations to define the purpose and role of ERGs. It will witness the speakers talk about how ERGs with clear and measurable mandates can help in managing the effectiveness and timely execution of DEI programs.

Commenting on this, Nirmala Menon, Founder & CEO of Interweave Consulting said,“ The companies today are trying to build a diverse workforce where every individual feels valued and supported. ERGs are a great support to companies to address employee needs and challenges by providing assistance. Thus, it becomes crucial to establish ERGs within companies to create a safer space where employees can confidently express their ideas without any hesitation. The Thought Leadership Session is our attempt to initiate dialogue on this crucial topic and also to help organisations achieve their DEI goals.”

Previously, Interweave Consulting hosted its first Thought Leadership Series in collaboration with Social Equity Advisory Services on “Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities at the Workplace”. The unique event was aimed at showcasing practical insights, thought-provoking sessions, and challenges on varying aspects of DEI.