11th August 2023, New Delhi, India: During Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Global Investors Summit 2023 in last February , U.P. Govt. signed a MoU with Innogress for setting up Quantum Computing based Data Center, ‘IQDC’ (Indraprastha Quantum Data Center), at Greater Noida, U.P. proposed in JV with GAN Tech. UK.

U.P. Govt. also has Data Center policy under which state is attracting new Data Center projects by offering suitable incentives and policy support, due to which Noida area of NCR has already emerged as one of the top data center hub of India. But Innogress’ proposed data center is going to be different from the existing data centers as its going to bring Quantum Computing based data center first time in India.

Today project promoter Innogress released its vision document for ‘IQDC’ project where Innogress sets vision for million Qubits (Quantum bits) powered Quantum Computing Data Center ‘IQDC’.

Giving details about this vision document of ‘IQDC’ project, Founding Partner of Innogress Mr Sumant Parimal said that at present Quantum Computers developed by leading Quantum Tech. players like IBM, Google, D-Wave, IonQ, IQM are based on upto hundreds of Qubits built inside QPUs (Quantum Processing Units). However substantial Quantum advantages can be derived when large number of Qubits gets integrated for making powerful Quantum Computers which beats performance of present day most powerful super computers. Large Quantum Computer manufacturers like IBM , Google already demonstrated Quantum Advantages through their latest Quantum Computers with upto few hundreds of Qubits, but real revolution of computing comes when over thousands to million qubits gets integrated into Quantum Computers for solving complex futuristics problems of the World. And IBM has already released its road map to develop a million Qubit Quantum Computer in a decade time.

“Our IQDC vision for million Qubits powered Quantum Computing Data Center in India is aligned with leading Quantum Tech. players roadmap to develop million Qubits Quantum Computers over a decade time period” said Mr Sumant Parimal.

“Our IQDC project mission is big where we aim to host over half of the present World’s computing power and data storage capacity through energy efficient, environment friendly and high-performance Quantum Computers planned to be hosted at the proposed India’s first Quantum Data Center IQDC at Greater Noida” Sumant Parimal said further.

“At present, we at Innogress along with JV partner GAN Tech. UK, is in process of identifying quantum computing technology partners for implementing IQDC project as building quantum data center requires access to quantum computing technologies which are with tech firms like IBM, Google, D-Wave, IQM, IonQ. We are also exploring potential investors for raising IQDC project Capex which is estimated up to be $300M to $500M for installing full planned capacity of data center spread over years” said Mr Sumant Parimal.

“Since Quantum Computing technologies are not available in India, hence it needs to be imported from the overseas providers, further Quantum Computing machines and underneath technologies are very costly at present, hence we are looking forward for best incentive support from Govt. of U.P. and Govt. of India under Data Center policies. However present data center policy of Govt. of U.P. is typically designed on MW power consumption of data center which was suitable for conventional/classical data centers which consumes heavy power. But Quantum Computing technology is very energy efficient, and typically Quantum Data Center consumes around 10 to 20% of energy (power) compared to typical classical data center. Hence with emergence of Quantum Computing, state and central Govts. need to incentivize Quantum Computing Data Centers at a higher rate compared to conventional/classical data centers, due to its better energy efficiency and sustainability performance” Mr Sumant Parimal adds further.

Innogress also has a plan to create a Quantum Data Center and Quantum Computing CoE (Center of Excellence) at IQDC for developing various technical competencies, professional services and tools required for hosting and operating this kind of ultra-High-Tech. data centers based on Quantum and Hybrid Computing Technologies. Apart from future plans to host physical Quantum Computing Servers at IQDC, promoter Innogress has also planned to enable access of best Quantum Computing resources and platforms over cloud in collaboration with various Quantum Tech. firms for bringing power of Quantum Computing to Indian as well as international customers.