Mission Mangal Yug

Indic Inspirations, a Cultural start-up based in Pune launched India’s first Interplanetary Board game – Mission Mangal Yug at the Muktangan Vidnyan Shodhika of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA) in Pune. The game was dedicated to the Astronomy Scientists of IUCAA and Students of India – the budding future Scientists of the country.

The event was conducted in presence of the facilitators from IUCAA and some students attending the outreach program of the institute. Held at the iconic centre in the Pune University Campus on the lawns that represent the Solar System, the game launch introduced children to the game that embodies a multitude of scientific facts about interplanetary travel.

Founder and CEO of Indic Inspirations, Sunil Jalihal says “We are excited about the launch of Mission Mangal Yug board game, as a part of our VYOM-ISRO Collection – a set of objects that narrate stories of ISRO and its missions. It’s our ode to the Mangalyaan, Mars Orbiter Mission – that ISRO was successful within its very first attempt. As ISRO’s First Registered Merchandiser we have created 50+ objects that narrate stories of India’s premier Space Agency!”

Children and adults get to be ISRO or NASA Scientists and Mission Directors to plan and execute the build-out of a mission – Mission Mangal Yug, as you face all the challenges of gathering resources for the mission. Building rockets, getting to rocket launch locations, managing launch windows, facing meteorite strikes, and deploying your strategy to accomplish this mission before anybody else. Complete with your friends to be the first to set up a colony on Mars.

IUCAA is a pioneering institute in India that facilitates Indian research in astronomy and runs many outreach programs to get children interested in the subject. Astronomer and officer in charge of the IUCAA’s public outreach program (IUCAA Scipop), Samir Dhurde said, “This board game and similarly themed products can help children to easily connect to the world of Space Sciences and also learn about the solar system in a fun way. We look forward to many more such tools that help create a scientific temper and a favorable outlook towards space research within children of the country”. IUCAA was instrumental in the design of India’s Astrosat satellite launched by ISRO to study the mysteries of the universe and is an active participant in the design of ISRO’s Aditya mission to study the Sun.

Director of Innovation & Experience Workshops of Indic Inspirations, Jitendra Date, has been dedicating initiatives to the Popularisation of Science. Under this scheme, Jitendra Date l innovates, creates, and develops scientific models which introduce the students to Learning Through Experience and gain knowledge using fun game engagements, assembly, and demonstration.

Chief Consulting Designer of Indic Inspirations, Yogesh Dandekar explained the design of India’s first Interplanetary Board Game – Mission Mangal Yug and the scientific elements that are embodied in it. “All the challenges and project planning required to undertake a mission to Mars, as inspired by the Mangalyaan mission are a part of this game’ he says. “It’s the only board game in India in this genre and comes with two playing boards – one for the “moves” on Earth and another for Mars!” he explains.

MARS – the red planet that has fascinated humans for a long and has been the subject of many space missions of NASA and ISRO in the last few years. Imagine a journey to Mars and complete to get to be the first to set up a colony on Mars. Mission Mangal Yug is a futuristic Space Age Game that helps kids learn all about interplanetary missions and inspires them to be the next Rocket Scientist, Astronaut, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos, right here in India. Learn all about what’s needed in science, grit, determination, planning, and execution to get to Mars. The best part is that it is a Conventional Card Board Game with no Digital Media involved keeping children away from the virtual world.