India-UK Relationship

India, October 2023 – The UK-India business relationship has always been evolving. Economic interest and public perceptions significantly impact how the relationship between the two nations develops.

The strengthening relationship over the past few years between the two nations has opened the doors of opportunities for Indian tech professionals in the UK market. This has led to increased collaborations and investments between the two countries, fostering innovation and growth in the technology, finance, and healthcare sectors. Additionally, the cultural exchange and shared values between the UK and India have further strengthened business ties, creating a conducive environment for trade and cooperation.

Talking about India-UK relations, Ms Gayatri Panda, Business Partner, Themis Technologies Ltd, says, “Themis Technologies, being a UK-based consulting firm specialising in tech immigration, tech job support, start-up consulting, and business innovation, has observed a rapid increase in employment and business opportunities in UK tech for Indian tech professionals. We have assisted numerous job seekers and start-up enthusiasts due to the strengthening ties between India and the UK. Over the past few years, the numerous agreements signed between these two countries have resulted in increased collaboration and trade opportunities. With the UK serving as a centre for technological development and India’s expanding IT talent, I foresee a great future ahead.”

Both countries have inked several Investment agreements over the years in an effort to strengthen their relationship in every manner. These accords would present excellent chances for Indian professionals seeking a career overseas since there will be a high demand for tech experts in the UK due to the surge to strengthen the economy of the country.