Bengaluru, May 24, 2023: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) is delighted to announce the highly anticipated annual event, Spacetronics and Deftronics 2023.

The event is scheduled on May 25th and 26th, 2023, at Hilton Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park (Convention Centre). The conference and exhibition will bring together over 500 participants from the public and private sector showcasing cutting-edge technologies and promoting collaboration to drive the growth of the strategic electronics in space and defence sector.

Spanning over two days, the annual flagship event aims to foster development and integration of new technologies that will contribute to the progress of India’s defense and space industries. The event apart from featuring an array of keynotes and Panel discussions by the ‘Who is Who of Indian Space & Defense industry’ will also have a Start-up Pavilion, fostering collaborative and interactive discussions among entrepreneurs, investors, and other key stakeholders.

The summit will emphasize the AtmaNirbhar Initiative, focusing on the new self-reliant India campaign and promoting government policies in the sector to pave the way for a new and better India.

Eminent speakers and policy makers from esteemed organizations such as the Ministry of Defence, ISRO, DPSUs and DRDO and the top leaders from both Indian and Global Space and Defence industry will deliver keynote sessions, sharing their valuable insights and expertise shedding light on technologies and products available for commercialization by the industry for the global market. The states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka will also showcase their states and their vibrant ecosystems.

The event will also explore the quick adoption of disruptive technologies from start-ups for defense applications, enabling short-term and long-term indigenization with industry support. The Student Satellite success stories, the drones’ success stories are some of the highlights. The widely acclaimed NaviC receiver will also be launched by two successful Indian companies in the event.

Mr Sanjay Gupta, Chairman, IESA said “We are excited to be back with Spacetronics and Deftronics this year. With this summit and exhibition, our aim remains to present a unique platform for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and experts to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and drive innovation in defense and space technologies”

Mr K Krishnamoorthy, President and CEO IESA, said, “We are confident that this year’s event will play a pivotal role in advancing India’s strategic electronics sector and promoting its self-reliance agenda. Not many are aware of the opportunities that the Indian Space and Defense Electronics programme offers to the industry in India. This event is aimed at expanding this awareness to all industry leaders at all levels.”

Anurag Awasthi, Vice President IESA, said, “Spacetronics and Deftronics 2023 promises to be an exceptional gathering of thought leaders, decision makers, and visionaries, showcasing the immense potential of India’s defense and space industries.”

The two-day event will provide industry leaders and stakeholders with an opportunity to be part of the conversations and deliberations that will shape the future of strategic electronics.