Mumbai, 21st August 2023: Hypothesis, OML’s influencer intelligence platform, recently announced its groundbreaking module, DiscoveryOS, one of the world’s largest creator discovery platforms. As a frontrunner in tech solutions for the creator economy, the search engine is poised to transform how brands and agencies connect with authentic creators. DiscoveryOS harnesses the power of data through its AI-enhanced search, redefining the way brands discover and collaborate with influencers. It represents a paradigm shift in influencer marketing workflow by enabling impactful and measurable campaigns at an unprecedented scale.

Influencer marketing has changed the way brands build awareness and connection with a broader audience. With an astounding number of over 500 million active influencers worldwide and the ongoing growth of social media platforms, the laborious and challenging process of finding the right kind of creator that resonates with a brand’s ethos has largely been a complex process. DiscoveryOS bridges this gap and empowers marketers to choose trustworthy influencers from its growing database of over 210 million, ensuring their campaigns reach real people, not bots.

This cutting-edge platform offers a data-backed approach to influencer discovery, ensuring brand safety and authenticity. Brands can now identify trending and upcoming influencers based on their growth rate, previous brand collaborations or audience affinity, fostering impactful and result-driven marketing campaigns. DiscoveryOS represents a transformative leap towards making influencer collaborations with seamless access to in-depth insights of 212 million global creators at the click of a button.

Key Features of DiscoveryOS:

Unmatched Reach: Boasting the largest searchable database of over 210 million creators across the globe, DiscoveryOS enables brands to tap into a diverse pool of talent, reaching new and diverse audiences worldwide.

Advanced Filters: With more than 20 advanced filters, including demographics, growth rate, audience interests, and brand affinity, marketers can fine-tune their search and pinpoint creators who align perfectly with their target demographics and campaign objectives.

Genuine Audience Percentage Score (GAP): DiscoveryOS introduces a proprietary GAP score metric, evaluating the authenticity and engagement of a creator’s audience. This ensures brands connect with influencers who have a genuine and loyal following rather than bots or fake accounts.

Lookalike Creator Matching: By leveraging AI/ML capabilities, DiscoveryOS allows brands to find lookalike creators based on topics and audience, significantly expanding their reach and discovering new audiences for their brand.

Detailed Creator Insights: Marketers gain valuable intel on creator profiles, including growth rates, branded collaborations, and in-depth audience insights, enabling informed decision-making for successful campaigns.

Spotlight Trending Creators: With DiscoveryOS, brands can monitor the month-on-month growth of creators, ensuring collaborations with fast-growing influencers who can effectively promote their products and services.

Gunjan Arya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Board Member, OML Entertainment said, “At OML, our unwavering commitment to driving innovation in the creator economy fuels our pride in Hypothesis and its groundbreaking achievements. DiscoveryOS stands as a testament to our vision, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution to the challenges prevailing in the influencer marketing domain. By meticulously addressing pain points and streamlining the entire process, this cutting-edge platform is poised to revolutionize branded content creation and elevate the landscape for creators to new heights. DiscoveryOS is set to redefine the influencer marketing landscape, paving the way for unparalleled brand partnerships and authentic connections with audiences. As pioneers in the industry, we take immense pride in unleashing the true potential of influencer marketing, shaping a future where brands and creators can thrive together, hand in hand.”

Himani Agrawal, Senior Vice President – Product & Analytics, Hypothesis, further added, “Creator Discovery is the first and most crucial step to building a robust campaign that can result in effective and efficient ROI for brands, if executed right. Brands are struggling with finding the right creators, with the right target audience, for their brand’s marketing objectives. Hypothesis’ DiscoveryOS with its advanced search capabilities allows brands to do just that. Hypothesis is a first-of-its-kind platform that tackles the pain points of limited access to verified creator information and ability to navigate through ‘the many’ to find ‘the one’. It’s positioned as a powerful catalyst set to revolutionize branded content creation through data driven decision making. Hypothesis aims to herald a new era of meaningful collaborations that will spark unparalleled creativity in putting the brands’ messaging in front of the right audience in the most engaging manner.”