By Stuti Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Stack PR

The image of any brand among the public makes up more than 60% of its value. Creating and maintaining a good image is a complex and ongoing process. An effective PR strategy helps any brand to reach the attention of the target audience and create its identity. Public relations or PR is a strategic approach individual, companies and organizations use to build a cordial relationship between the organization and its target audience. Once this relationship is established, it needs to be maintained in order to keep it on a good level.

Given below are the key reasons how PR builds a brand’s Reputation among public

Crisis management

When a mishap occurs and the reputation of the company breaks down, it affects all the affiliations and corporate existence of the company. It takes around 5-7 years to overcome a negative reputation. A public relation specialist plays an important role here, he/she drafts a specialized communication plan and uses different mediums to create and maintain a positive image of the brand. Hence it is very important for any company to invest in a good PR team.

Keep you in talk

PR helps disseminate the key messages and news of any company in online/digital/print publications, blogs, and news outlets. The earned media placements and positive press mentions obviously helps a brand in gaining consumer trust and loyalty, and grab the attention of prospective investors. This way PR keeps the brand in talk and a good PR strategy helps the brand build up its image the way it wants to.

Boosts the brand image

PR is increasingly about credibly communicating with key stakeholders who affect business results like : media analysts, influencers, policy makers, customers and shareholders. While marketing focuses on promoting products and services to generate leads, PR focuses on maintaining a company’s image by nurturing its relationship with its stakeholders.

Investor Relations

Investors are one of the pillars of any company, hence PR specialists keep them informed about the updates related to the company, manage their events, release financial reports and take care of queries and complaints.

Government Relations

Adherence to various government regulations like fair trade practices, employee welfare, consumer protection, corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc. builds a company’s relationship with the government.

Strengthen Community Relations

PR strategies are applied to convey that the brand is one of the elements of society just like the target audience, this builds up a good relationship of the company with the public. A company needs to create a positive image by supporting social practices and saying no to practices like child labour, inequality, exploitation, etc. This way the company generates a loyalty factor.

PR attracts and retains top talent

Only a motivated team can help a company grow and prosper in order to accomplish its objectives. Employees nowadays place a high value on company culture, work-life balance, and job security. PR can assist in creating compelling content that addresses these issues which further results in attracting and retaining top talent.

PR creates a legacy for your company

PR helps any company in creating a legacy as well as a strong brand. An effective PR strategy helps business owners have a long-lasting influence that crosses generations and decades in addition to establishing brand identification and reputation. PR gives brands a human face, acquaints people with the motivational histories of business founders, and creates a close bond that is difficult to forget. With original, innovative content pieces, PR is a puissant tool for positioning founders and entrepreneurs as thought leaders in the sector.

Public relations isn’t just another strategy for marketing or promoting your product or service. PR opens the door to a wider audience, more credibility, and a stronger competitive advantage. Building a brand’s unshakeable reputation takes time, therefore any company aiming for long-term success and growth cannot afford to ignore PR.