Mumbai, 16th August 2023: Hoopr, India’s leading music licensing platform, proudly announces the resounding success of its ground-breaking initiative, the “Sing To Sync” contest. Launched in March 2023, Sing To Sync has redefined opportunities for independent artists across the nation, offering a unique platform to showcase their talent and win lucrative prizes.

Sing To Sync, a top-lining competition, encouraged emerging artists from diverse backgrounds to choose a Hoopr backing track and compose original songs. With a keen focus on fostering songwriting skills and musical ingenuity, the contest not only provided artists with a chance to demonstrate their abilities but also offered enticing rewards, including a substantial cash prize, a top-lining contract, and the chance to have a professionally produced music video.

A distinguished panel of industry experts presided over the competition, including Hoopr’s own musician and CEO, Gaurav Dagaonkar, renowned music producer Aditya Pushkarna, and accomplished playback singer Ash King. Their discerning judgment ensured that Sing To Sync was an outstanding platform for aspiring artists to refine their craft while propelling their careers to new heights.

The overwhelming response to Sing To Sync surpassed all expectations, with hundreds of submissions spanning a wide array of genres, languages, and regions. From contemporary Hindi and English pop to vibrant Desi Hip Hop, the contest celebrated the rich diversity of India’s musical landscape. Winners of the competition stood to earn a grand prize of 40,000 rupees, an exclusive top-lining contract, and the opportunity to have a captivating music video created for their winning track. Runners-up were awarded prizes ranging from 20,000 rupees to valuable top-lining contracts.

Gaurav Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder of Hoopr, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “The sheer range and musical diversity of entries for Sing To Sync were truly remarkable. ‘Yeh Chahiye’ by Rishabh Panchal stood out with its impactful songwriting and tight vocals. We are proud to have provided this platform for budding artists like Rishabh to shine”.

The winning track, “Yeh Chahiye” created by singer-songwriter Rishabh Panchal, captured the hearts of audiences with its upbeat, quirky, and groovy sound. Rishabh’s success story demonstrates the contest’s transformative power, as he not only secured the grand prize but also had his track professionally produced and starred in an accompanying music video shot in the picturesque landscapes of Goa.

Rishabh Panchal shared his sentiments about the contest, saying, “Hoopr understood my artistic vision and allowed me to express myself freely. Winning Sing To Sync was a jackpot in my musical journey.”

Buoyed by the success of the inaugural Sing To Sync, Hoopr is thrilled to continue the tradition and provide more opportunities for independent artists. The current edition, “Sing To Sync Marathi Edition”, in partnership with BhaDiPa (Bharatiya Digital Party), a popular YouTube channel, spotlights Marathi language artists and underscores Hoopr’s commitment to nurturing talent from every corner of the country. The contest simplifies the process of composing, producing, and releasing original music, further empowering artists to realize their creative aspirations.