PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry

30th September 2023, NEW DELHI: Addressing the 118th Annual Session of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), Hon’ble Union Minister of Home Affairs & Union Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, noted that the current time marks, the bhor of Amrit kaal for India, where the energy generated post G20 heralded by the success of Chandrayaan 3, Mission Aditya L1 to the Sun, 33% Women Reservation Bill. The theme of the PHDCCI’s Annual Session this year was “Rising India: Yahi Samay Hai, Sahi Samay Hai Amrit Kaal of Unprecedented Growth.”

He said that under the leadership of the Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi, the roots of democracy have become deeper as the result of continuity of policies generating suraksha, rapid development, capital expenditure of more than 10 lakh crore, more than 100 airports, making India a lucrative destination for investments. The Hon’ble Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation said that this is the right time for Indian Industry to change its Size and Scale.

This is a proud moment for India, he said, where we have more than 50% share in the digital transactions globally, stand at the 1st position on the global platform for pulses, milk and jute production, leading the way for startups, unicorns, semiconductor production and many more sectors.

Further, he said that the World is looking at India and India is shining as the vibrant growth spot. He motivated the PDHCCI family to built a deep rooted network of ancillary industries, while taking advantage of the industry enabling ecosystem put in place by the present government. The industry needs to move from sankalp to sidhi taking advantage of the policy structure of the government including initiatives like the make in india, startup india and the infrastructural facilities, policy environment, MSME initiatives, easing of compliances, environment for innovation among many other initiatives.

Shri Sanjeev Agrawal, Senior Vice President of PHDCCI, introduced the Hon’ble Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, highlighting his significant contributions and leadership qualities, while highlighting his journey from a PVC Pipe manufacturer to setting up a strong hold on the country and the World. While introducing Shri Amit Shah, Shri Agrawal brought to limelight the significant milestones of the Government. He said that the present government is working for sabka sath sabka vikas marked by his visionary leadership, and political acumen. He is truly the man of action.

Shri Saket Dalmia, President, PHDCCI, felicitated the Hon’ble Home Minister & Minister of Cooperation and delivered the welcome & PHDCCI Annual Speech. He expressed his gratitude to the Home Minister for accepting PHDCCI’s invitation for the Annual session. Shri Dalmia highlighted the shifting global dynamics, with India at the forefront, by saying that India will be the “sone ki chidya” again. Despite the challenges, India’s resilience and robustness have been demonstrated through its impressive GDP growth rates. The magnificent efforts of the Government have been supported by the industrious efforts of the Indian industrial sector, paving the way for ‘Amrit Kal’ . He said that under the able leadership of Honourable PM SHri Narendra Modi ji and Shri Amit Shah, Honourable Union Home and Cooperation Minister, we feel safe and strong. This is taking us to have atma vishwas and leading to us being atma nirbhar.

The President proudly announced PHDCCI’s integral involvement in the G20 startup engagement group. He added that the PHD Chamber is actively contributing to the efforts by the government, the MSME sector with its bottom up approach, and women empowerment. He said that India is the land of opportunity, quality of life and innovation. We at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry promote and support MSMEs, since the past many years.

The inaugural session of PHDCCI’s 118th Annual Session 2023 ended with a vote of thanks by Shri Hemant Jain, Vice President, PHDCCI. Shri Jain expressed his gratitude and regards to Shri Amit Shah, Hon’ble Union Minister of Home Affairs & Union Minister of Cooperation, Government of India for his gracious presence.