With the intent to assist working professionals for 3.64 lakh new jobs that are expected to be created by GCC’s in India 

Bangalore, 30th August 2023: Great Learning, a leading global edtech company for higher and professional education, is hosting an engaging webinar on the topic, ‘Building a career in Data Security’. The webinar is designed to help professionals with a roadmap to a successful career in Data and Cybersecurity with the premise that India is on the brink of entering a trillion-dollar digital economy and is projected to facilitate the creation of 60 to 65 million digitally empowered job opportunities by the fiscal year 2025-26.

With Global Capability Centers anticipated to create 3.64 lakh new jobs in India this year in Cybersecurity, Data Science, AI/ML, among others; this webinar, scheduled on August 31st from 5:00-6:00 PM (IST), holds immense value for both current cybersecurity professionals and aspirants to unlock opportunities in the booming sector.

The webinar, hosted by Aniket Amdekar, General Manager-Academics and Cybersecurity, a cybersecurity professional with 15+ years of experience in the domain, will offer invaluable insights into prevailing cybersecurity trends, and a comprehensive roadmap to cultivate a rewarding and impactful career in Data Security. Participants will gain clarity on the vital skills that will be indispensable for unlocking opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.