Akra, Delhi based culinary destination known for its delectable offerings and warm ambiance, serves patrons to savor the spirit of independence through an exclusive culinary experience.

Through a thoughtfully crafted special menu, regional flavors in contemporary dishes including pesto chicken skewer, spinach rivoli, peri peri cottage cheese tacos are served encapsulating the nation’s diversity and rich cultural heritage.

Spanning of flavours and foods, such as spicy salmon and silver and cream cheese dumplings, smacks of rich flavour in the mouth. These foods are presented in a way that embodies creativity and togetherness.

A culinary journey highlighting fusion cuisine having mouthwatering tastes showcases the vibrant tapestry of India’s gastronomic landscape that makes the food lovers indulge in a memorable dining experience that embodies the flavors and spirit of India.

Venue: 32, 3rd floor and 4th floor, Link Road Lajpat Nagar – III, New Delhi, 110024