C. Shekar Reddy

By Mr. C Sekhar Reddy, Chairman CII, Telangana and Chairman IGBC, Hyderabad Chapter

Spearheading the green building movement in India, IGBC has popularised the concepts of green and brought it to the masses. In modern India, the informed and aware home buyers focus their priorities on buying energy efficient homes. Aesthetics of the homes has taken a back seat as sustainability, water efficiency, resource efficiency, comfort and energy efficiency has become the norm of the day. This transition has come at the right time as India prepares to take giant leaps towards a Net-Zero and greener future.

The residential sector consumes about 24% of the electrical energy generated, which would continue to rise. Buying a green home ensures energy efficiency leading to enormous saving along with a more comfortable and durable space. Green Homes combine state-of-the-art energy-efficient construction, appliances, cooling systems and lighting, with passive design strategies which take advantage of local climate and site conditions. The intent is to reduce home energy use as cost-effectively as possible, along with reduced operational cost and faster payback values. Building envelops in green homes are designed to be well insulated with high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that helps keep utility bills low.

IGBC Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India, exclusively for the residential sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. The Green Homes Rating System addresses the most important National priorities which include water conservation, handling of house-hold waste, energy efficiency, reduced use of fossil fuels, lesser dependence on usage of virgin materials and resident health & well-being of occupant. Further, it facilitates the effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, handling of house-hold waste, optimum material utilisation and design for healthy, comfortable & environmentally friendly homes.

The homeowners can enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and performance along with having access to renewable energy solutions, Energy efficiency in common area equipment, Alternate Water Heating system and Integrated Energy Monitoring System. The conventional homes have now become smart and green homes with IGBC. Along with this, green homes are often equipped with Electric charging facility and access to clean energy.

Energy consumption can be substantially reduced by incorporating strategies that are economically viable with an attractive return on investment. Simple measures like orientation, harvesting daylight, providing for abundant ventilation, adopting passive measures and selecting energy efficient appliances can go a long way in enhancing the energy efficiency. The beneficiaries are the end users who can reap the benefits through the life of the building.

In India, Sun is the source of abundant untapped energy. Roof tops may be used for generating hot water and for generating renewable power with solar photovoltaic cells. Other sources of renewable on-site energy such as bio-gas digesters, small wind systems using organic waste may also be explored. Incorporating energy efficiency reduces the monthly bills and also result in environmental benefits.

At IGBC, we build for people, we built for communities, we build for India, and we build for the planet. Join the IGBC green building movement as we built a better tomorrow for each one of us and our future generations. JOIN US at the India’s First Green Property Show hosted by IGBC on 28th, 29th and 30th July 2023 at Hitex (Hall 1 & 3) Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad.

This event features 3 days of exhibitions displaying IGBC Green Homes and an exclusive display of Green Products, Materials and Technology.