­At Embassy Group, environmental preservation is fundamental to our company’s culture. We strongly believe that the protection of natural resources has become extremely critical with rising globalisation leading to various kinds of pollution and the degradation of our environment.

National Pollution Control Day aims to spread awareness among citizens about preserving our natural resources and the prevention of pollution in all its forms. Air quality has severely degraded, with the winter in several parts of India causing the situation to worsen. Everyone is impacted by poor air quality, but children are the worst hit.

In addition to our increased focus on incorporating sustainability features in our buildings, Embassy Group has instituted a host of other programs that build awareness towards fighting what is currently one of our biggest challenges. On the occasion of National Pollution Control Day, Embassy Group shares its best practices that help reduces carbon emissions, including:

  • For the last five years, every new office building Embassy has developed has been LEED-certified. Further, a majority of our portfolio is LEED-certified through the IGBC/USGBC.
  • Embassy Services has created various green initiatives to assist our corporate partners in accomplishing their environmental goals. Initiatives such as Urban Green, which has yielded 6,000 kg of vegetables a year and helps inspire a love of farming, and the car-pooling initiative in our business parks, Green Rider, set the benchmark for eco-friendly operations.
  • Embassy Group funded a dry and wet waste collection center in North Bengaluru that benefits 10 villages under its EcoGram Initiative. EcoGram aims to create a replicable, sustainable model panchayat in terms of waste, water, and soil. The initiative is also bolstered by the “Ecogram Shakti Program,” which empowers over 50 women from these villages to drive environmental sustainability in their communities.
  • Taking effective steps towards generating green energy, Embassy owns a 100 MW solar field, which has the ability to generate 2 million units a year. The Group is further expanding its solar capacity to reduce carbon-emitting power generation.
  • Finally, Embassy recently built a new flyover at Embassy Manyata Business Park, which has improved traffic flow and will reduce carbon emissions and air pollution.

At Embassy Group, our aim is to create an eco-friendly environment that is driven by innovation and is foundational to our business. Our agenda must be to join hands with other corporations, the government, and NGOs to create a corporate sustainability culture to deepen our collective efforts toward saving our planet. As champions of sustainable practices, we are poised to continue our endeavors to reduce environmental degradation and embrace greener communities.