Elevate your holiday looks with platinum jewellery from PLATINUM EVARA

Mumbai(S.N): Its that time of the year, when beach hats are seen peaking out of travel totes and exciting new summer looks are revealed in style. Jewellery is an essential part of these summer travel looks and the right pieces have the power to elevate the entire look. Contemporary designs from Platinum Evara can be easily worn across different attires and occasions to add a touch of subtle glam and elegance to your personal travel style.

With a preference to travel light, versatility has become the mantra for all travel essentials, including jewellery. Crafted from 95% pure platinum, each piece in the Platinum Evara collection can easily be styled to complement and uplift various travel looks. Whether you are seeking the beach boho glam or the effortless yet chic city explorer vibe, minimalistic platinum jewellery with its clean lines and delicate forms, promises to take your desired look to the next level. An elegant, platinum pendant, with a gemstone safely held together by the resilient platinum, that does not lose its natural sheen over time, can effortlessly be the constant travel companion that seamlessly elevates your everyday look whether trekking in the hills or just lounging by the pool.

Each piece in Platinum Evara’s curated collection reflects the values that define today’s modern and progressive women. So, you don’t simply adorn a piece of stylish jewellery as you travel across new towns or discover your love for the hills; but also celebrate and cherish the woman within, every time you choose a captivating necklace, alluring wristwear, thoughtfully crafted earrings or stylish rings from Platinum Evara’s exquisite range of platinum jewellery.

Whether it’s that fun summer soiree with the girls in a stunning floral ensemble or a date night under the stars with your special someone in a fluid black shift dress, the platinum jewellery from Evara promises to take your style statement a notch higher!