NXPS32G3_visual Kopie

India, August 3rd 2023 – Elektrobit announced that its industry-leading software line for developing automotive electronic control units (ECUs) based on the latest AUTOSAR standards as well as its Linux solution support for the new S32G3 vehicle network processor from NXP® Semiconductors. S32G3 series processors more than double the processing, memory and networking capabilties, while maintaining package pinout and software compatibility with the highly successful S32G2 series of processors. As carmakers migrate to consolidated domain and zonal architectures for software-defined vehicles, the powerful combination of NXP S32G3 hardware and Elektrobit’s EB tresos and EB corbos software can significantly reduce the time and development costs for these complex architectures, accelerating time-to-market for production vehicles.

“We’re pleased to continue our long-standing collaboration with Elektrobit to support our S32G3 safe and secure high-performance vehicle network processors,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “The combination of NXP’s S32G3 processor with Elektrobit’s EB tresos and EB corbos software provide a powerful solution for carmakers seeking the most efficient way to develop advanced features and services for their central vehicle computers and safety processors in next-generation architectures.”

The NXP S32G3 vehicle network processors are designed for central vehicle compute applications in zonal-based, software-defined vehicles. They also provide high-performance ASIL D safety processing for AD/ADAS applications, with the same scalability and pinout as previous generation processors.

“The new NXP S32G3 is ideal for next-generation architectures, and we are happy to extend its capabilities with our broad line of AUTOSAR-compliant software, as well as our new EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu solution,” said Michael Robertson, vice president, head of products and strategy, Elektrobit. “Together, we’re making it easier for carmakers and suppliers to develop the complex systems required by software-defined vehicles.”

The following Elektrobit software modules support the new NXP S32G3:

• EB tresos AutoCore – leading implementation of Classic AUTOSAR-compliant basic software (BSW) for automotive ECUs that enables applications to leverage the S32G3 hardware
• EB tresos AutoCore OS – embedded, multi-core, real-time operating system that implements the AUTOSAR standard and all its scalability classes
• EB tresos Safety – ECU software developed and integrated in accordance with the ISO 26262 standard and up to the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level, ASIL D
• EB tresos Safety OS – safe execution environment that combines the flexibility of AUTOSAR multi-core software architectures with powerful safety features for mixed ASIL applications
• EB corbos AdaptiveCore – a software base for safe and secure high-performance controllers that is flexible, scalable, and adaptable to changing regulations in the automotive industry, providing a holistic software framework according to the industry’s new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.
• EB corbos Linux – built on Ubuntu – open-source operating system optimized for high-performance computing