Ear To Hear-Delhi team Skit

Delhi, August 11 2023 – The highly anticipated Annual Meet of Ear to Hear, a prominent social cause dedicated to empowering and supporting women across India, was hosted to celebrate the achievements of over 5,000 women hailing from 18 states. The event took place at the esteemed India International Centre in New Delhi on July 26th, receiving resounding success and fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among all attendees.

The event was inaugurated by Richa Mehta, the esteemed founder of Ear to Hear, who extended her heartfelt congratulations to all deserving designation holders. The atmosphere was infused with pride and joy as attendees united in singing the National Anthem, symbolizing unity, followed by a Shree Ram Chanting that brought about tranquility and harmony among the audience.

Esteemed personalities from various domains, including politics, education, entertainment, and social work, graced the event. Mr. Brijesh Goyal, a prominent member of the AAP political party, illuminated the occasion with the lamp lighting ceremony. Indian actor Armaan Tahil added charm to the event, inspiring women with his words.

Acknowledging outstanding accomplishments, Ear to Hear presented the Women Achievers Honor and Leadership Awards, honoring exceptional women who have made significant impacts in their respective fields.

The Annual Meet featured an appreciation gesture as designation holders were felicitated with tokens of trophy appreciation. Adding a creative dimension, the event showcased a captivating skit performance by talented students from Delhi University. The skit revolved around women’s empowerment and social issues, leaving the audience both entertained and thought-provoked.

Ear to Hear expressed gratitude to its partners:

Ram Rattan Group (Supporting partner)
Benson Trophies and Awards (Associate partner)
House of Aesthetics (Wellness partner)
Community Partners – World Sikh Chamber of Commerce (WSCC), We Together, and Social Truffle
Gift Partners – Sirona, Cornitos, Clovia, Power Gummies, Mithas Ghar Ki, Ribbons and Feathers
Media Partners – India Today, ABP News, Times of India, The Health Site, Stay Featured, Only My Health, The She He Stories, Beauty the Best, Her Zindagi, Youth News Online, The Red Velvet Column, Navdrishti Times, Life Sanjeevani, and Vanshdhara.
Photography Partners – Youth News Online and Rohit Kundra Photography

Exclusive broadcast partner, Enrich TV, will broadcast the entire event.